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Jogging Time, Nobody Else – Just Me and God

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Years ago, through my wanting to help a friend who just lost a parent, I gave the advice of “jogging”. It sounded so out of place everyone laughed. Well she was still in pain. But I don’t know of any other activity that brings a release of stress and tension. Now I’m beginning to feel I really need more of this physical activity, and that for more than just physique.

Its amazing to know that most things in my life can be solved through “walking”. As in “Abraham walked with God”. On my part, jogging.

Running - Spending Time with God

Running – Spending Time with God

It usually starts with rants and rumbles about “things”. Concerns.

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How Video Gaming can make you Smarter

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How Gaming can make you Smarter


We could all remember the games we played in elementary: Game and Watch, Atari, Gameboy and a lot more. When I was in college, I learned about the power of Starcraft. It became so powerful I dreaded going back to Bacolod every summer slaving away till morning until I beat the zergs out!

But that all has got to change. Not all Video Games are bad. There is new knowledge about the games children play that make them more intelligent.

Enter Gabe Zichermann.

Gabe defines Gamification as: “The process of applying game design principles to non-game activities to make them more engaging to a user.” 

Video Games and Learning

Video Games and Learning

So why is this important, well, for years we have heard the negative impact of video games to kids, mainly from parents who see their kids being addicted to video games and not growing the skills and education they should be learning. They feel like the idea of video games as an educational medium can’t possibly be a reality. Gabe Zichermann, and his theories on why children seem as though they may have attention deficit disorder and why games are actually quite educational for well, not just children, but everyone.

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Winners of the Raise for Life 2012

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Winners of the Raise for Life 2012

Here are the Winners of the Raise for Life 2012

FIRST PLACE Ryan Hulleza Geraldine Hulleza
SECOND PLACE John Acuńa Jay dha Mae S. Lorega
THIRD PLACE Rowell Hulleza Raye Ferrer

FIRST PLACE Joel Alcorin Stephanie Cadosale
SECOND PLACE Romulo Balinas Jr. Nestle Niuda
THIRD PLACE Rommell G. Hulleza Alysha Juguan

FIRST PLACE Jeson Agravante Jennylyn Nobleza
SECOND PLACE Anthony Babiera Gella Mogar
THIRD PLACE Kevin Serdińa Joy Sy

No Pain no Gain. You Run they Graduate.

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Raise for Life Conclusion

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After a long evening preparation, tears and time, it is the Day of the Run. Hopes  were high to lose 10 more pounds, others to bag the win, and students waiting for the rendezvous with Destiny and find the Cause to Finish college.


1. Do you know about REAL LIFE?

Real Life Foundation is a program provides high school and university scholarships to poor but deserving students with good academic standing who, if not for the scholarships, would have no chance of obtaining a university degree.

2. Currently, Real LIFE has more than 170 high school and university scholars in the following areas: Quezon City, Novaliches, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, Malate, Mandaluyong, Muntinlupa, Dasmarinas, Laoag, Baguio, Urdaneta, Lipa, Batangas, Cebu, Bacolod, Zamboanga and General Santos. Continue reading

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Real Life Bacolod: Why I Love Running

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiBefore we get started, I want to clearly say that I didn’t love running at the start.

I use to be that person who ran only if dogs barked and attacked me. I believe girls should run because it would help them get into their more skinny jeans. But me, I just wanted to skip the Dance Demonstration in La Salle (USLS). I had to try out and make the Track Team. (Now it sounds cool, I was now Runner)

For many girls, Running would allow them to have five cookies instead of one. And still maintain size: small. I run because it makes me feel incredible, strong and confident. Why should you only run when you are pursued by your neighbor’s menacing dog? (Almost never happens) Or you can really run because you feel good about your self.

Here’s some Ideas to help you love Running.

Runners in Bacolod1. Run with Music

There’s nothing like running through your neighborhood at the crack of dawn singing to Eminem’s Lose Yourself at the top of your lungs. Music was a great distraction to get starting. I don’t to think how tired I am with Continue reading