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Alexa vs Compete vs Quantcast vs ComScore vs Hitwise vs Nielsen

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Want to know how to get your Website’s Rating?

Webs Get Ranks

Webs Get Ranks

All of the mentioned above are third-party analytic services are terribly inaccurate but will continue to be used until a more accurate tool is available. Below is an overview of the methodologies used for collecting data for each of these services: Continue reading



What is E-Marketing?

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What is e-Marketing?

Legal E-marketing

Legal E-marketing

E-Marketing is a subset of e-Business that utilises electronic medium to perform marketing activities and achieve desired marketing objectives for an organisation. Internet Marketing, Interactive Marketing and Mobile Marketing for example, are all a form of e-Marketing.


e-Business means utilising electronic medium in every day business activities. There are several levels of involvement in when it comes to Continue reading

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3 Phases of an E-Marketing Plan

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In Starting an E-Commerce Website you will need an E-Marketing Plan. Now, there are Three Phases to an E-Marketing Plan:

Innovation, Validation and Launch.


Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

1. Business Case

Comprehensive Cost Benefit AnalysisReturn on Investment – Establish an Agreement on measureable objectives with multi-state strategies

2. Knowledge Audit

Documenting the for access and storage of captial and leverage it across the enterprise

3. Customer Care Audit

Providing a framework for Continue reading

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E-Marketing Strategy

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I know what you guys might be thinking. What is this all about. This is related to starting websites for commerce. You have to plan your strategy, not in the normal marketing you do for Real Businesses but related one specifically for Internet Businesses, the new E-Marketing.


Global E-Marketing Plan

Global E-Marketing Plan

It is important to recognize that planning for e-marketing does not mean starting from scratch. Any online e-communication must be consistent and Continue reading


Architecture Writing in Bacolod

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“The pen is mighter than the Sword.”

In the old days, men need to slave out just to Earn. You work hard to get Pay at the End of the Day. Fast forward to 2010. People don’t make money working hard anymore. People get paid thinking hard, or I would say, think Art (istically). This is where writing Continue reading