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LCC- Marker / Felt Tip Pens – 9 Tips for Architecture Rendering

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Markers /Felt Tips Pens – 9 Tips for Architecture Rendering
by Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

Copic Marker Set 2

Copic Marker Set 2

1. Understand your Work space Scale.

Key to your success in any Architectural Rendering is understanding your Workspace.
Are you Making an A1 Board? Your marker lines might be too small. You would be creating longer lines. Would it look good? Are you rendering a 5″x8″ Card? You should consider a Simple Schematic Perspective. Your lines would be too small to be visible.
2. Test your Marker before Use.
One bummer to a great presentation is when a Marker misfires and splatters ink all over your work. This seldom happens but if you are doing your thesis, you might as well check especially if it’s been years before you touched that Marker. Continue reading