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Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage, A Christian Perspective

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The USA Decision on Gay Marriage, a Christian Perspective

Attending a Workshop in the last weekend, I came to face the emotional side of me. I would have been better but I am bothered that some people that are leading and sharing are guys who prefer guys. There is a concern that there maybe a transference of spirit but I am glad that instead of paranoia, I chose to understand. While spirit transfer is real, Jesus chose to be open and related with everyone.

Being a person who looks intelligent and speaks thoughtfully. A lot of people has asked if I am indeed gay. And this comes from the perception that I am not your typical macho in a Filipino judging society. Add to this the homophobia in the culture and the radical conservative judgement of the Christian and Catholic History of our nation. The key spirit in homosexuality is rejection. It is the exalted spirit who sits high enough it is hard to take down. I hate it when people doubt me but I have come to be secure in the Grace has given me. But coming from a place of understanding, I don’t have to prove that I am not.

Approved Gay Marriage - US Courts

Approved Gay Marriage – US Courts

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