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180325 Revelation: The Liberation

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18 Mar 25 Revelation: The Liberation

As I sat comfortably on my trip going back to Bacolod. I put on my worship music.

Once I started to listed. I could literally feel God translated me to a deeper dimension.

He was saying “All this concerns you have. Have no fear. I can take care of you. You are no longer an orphan. I am your real Father. I can provide you all you need and all your desires too.”

God then walked me back to when I was 4 years old. I could sense the emptiness and the void in my heart. All throughout we went until we saw me in high school. I could again sense the shame and brokenness.

Alone time in Prayer

Alone time in Prayer

“Do you know know I was there all along. I purposed you with these weakness because I had a beautiful plan in your life.” Continue reading