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Marketing: Wisdom of Understanding Six Sigma

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The Company Motorola Inc., was one to develop the Strategy in the 1980’s and provided Six Sigma training and Consultancy services. They Described Six Sigma as “At Motorola, we think about Six Sigma at three different levels: 1. As a Metric, 2. As a Methodology, 3. As a Management System. Essentially, Six Sigma is all three at the same time.”

Six Sigma Logo

Six Sigma Logo

I. Six Sigma as a Metric.

The term “Sigma” is often used as a scale for levels of quality for a product. Examples for this, using ‘Six Sigma’ is “6 defects per one million opportunities” (DPMO). Six Sigma started as a defect reduction effort in manufacturing and was then applied to other business processes to improve those businesses.”

II. Six Sigma as a Methodology

As the philosophy evolved, Six Sigma placed less emphasis on the literal definition of 6 DPMO, or counting defects in products and processes. Six Sigma became known as a business improvement methodology that focuses an organization on:

a) Utilizing rigorous data analysis to minimize variation in those Processes
b) Aligning key business processes to achieve those requirements
c) Driving rapid and sustainable improvement to business processes
d) Understanding and managing Continue reading