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Toastmaster Speech 5: Motivate Me

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Motivate Me: Startling Truths about Human Motivation
Toastmasters Speech Number 5: “Your body Speaks”
“Why do you work?”


“Why do you work?”

Tonight I am going to show you some scientific studies and research that will shock you about the biggest thing you know about work.

This- if driven by Dollars

This- if driven by Dollars

If you are Driven by Pesos :)

If you are Driven by Pesos 🙂

I. Our Assumption: Money
It starts from this Assumption that most of us have. We assume that people work for Money, first and then for a lot many other reasons, such as passion, family etc. But it all boils down to money.
Psychologists in the 1940s believe that “Men are motivated by Continue reading