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My Virtual Love Life in One Tree Hill

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My Virtual Love Life in One Tree Hill

I’ve never really lived in community. I was the outcast trying to fit i, in high school or college. By college, I had some clout attending Victory and studying in one of Asia’s premier university and got some status man of God, desirable, intelligent. So much for a guy who based his identity on how popular he is, not on how many women he slept with, how many drunken parties he’s been to and how much money he had. Hint: the last three – none.

So when I was isolated working in a far off Arab country, the things that you didn’t pursue as a college boy begin to haunt you. Especially one fact that I still didn’t have a girlfriend. So when the opportunity to vicariously live this life I desired to have, keeps dangling in a series, I was entranced! It can’t get anything better than this!

One Tree Hill Lead Characters

One Tree Hill Lead Characters

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