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How the Spirit Realm looked like during Jesus Death and Resurection

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How the life of Jesus looked in the Spirit Realm

Everyone talks about it. We have different expectations on how it should be. Sometimes we have disappointments because what we thought it should look like doesn’t feel that way. I feel you.

Coming from a very analytical background really closed my mind. I am also a perfectionist (I learned it is actually pride to never admit mistakes, make it a habit and there you go, perfectionism, even for areas you want to be “normal”) But nothing is too great for God to break through. He gave me friends who were open enough to see the goodness of God in my life and spoke enough to convince me I was prophetic. Continue reading

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Morning Devotions: Coffee or the Cup on Easter

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Life Begins Here

Yesterday, while I was visiting a Christian bookstore, I saw this guy, probably a pastor, dressed well, ask for a King James Bible. But more than asking, he was babbling that Christians have been dabbling and changing the verses. That would have been okay but the message was, you mister bible sales guy have to agree with me. He was probably a conservative.

For most of my life, I have tried to change the world according to my world view. So when God reveals His plan for all mankind, Star Wars – Return of the Jedi style, I couldn’t help but imagine that when I share the gospel with people, they all look at me with eyes glazing and say “that’s awesome.” Continue reading

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Easter in the Middle East

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Easter in the Middle East

Staying in the Region of our Savior is a great learning experience. This is the culture and the people where Jesus was born.

The environment where He was born were all circumstancial (the Arab / Jewish Culture), but the Timing, the Purpose and Plan of God is unmistakeable – Love.

1ST BURJAL ARAB EASTER (2) Continue reading