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Your Guide to Visiting Dubai on Tight Budget – Travel Preparations

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Dubai Chronicles: Your Guide to Visiting Dubai on a Tight Budget – Travel Preparations

The Dubai Chronicles

A journey never begins until you take the first step. These are the basic steps.

Dubai Creek at Night

Dubai Creek at Night


  1. Passport – check expiry
  2. Visa ( This can be paid for but can be provided by your relative in Dubai)

You can find visa from

  1. Good Reason to come back to the Philippines

Any traveler going to Dubai will be considered by the Philippine Government as a potential expense as many Filipinos plan to find work and get deported by the Philippine government. As great as the OFW’s are to the economy, they are not paying a penny for their government to send them home. It’s the taxpayers back home paying for their repatriation.


Dubai Airport Passengers

Dubai Airport Passengers

  1. Petition Letter

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Dubai Chronicles: Deira in The Greens

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Dubai Chronicles: Deira in The Greens

The Dubai ChroniclesDistance brings a certain clarity to one’s own perspective. It illuminates a person’s interpretation of events, languages, culture and experiences. Living away from Dubai for the longest time in 5 years, I have come to remember people, things and activities in a different light.

We had a prayer group in both parts of the city, Deira and Bar Dubai sides. After prayer we also take time to visit places. This is the Greens in Al Barsha where I have a French friend who lives there.

The place is part of the progessive part of Dubai, places where it used to be dessert. We had fun at the pool and some sharing of our experiences. I am glad to be part of this team.

And what would dinner be with the French without cheese and wine? Fellowship and time together helps us to see our part in God’s plan and eventually play a big role in the His whole purpose.


Most of us are now in different places around the world. But the experiences and the learning we had during those times we will bring with us.