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Personality Profiling for Work Productivity

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Methods of Personality Profiling for Work Productivity

A Comparison: Strengthfinder, Myers-Briggs, DISC Profiles and Enneagram

personalities and uniqueness

personalities and uniqueness

When I was in high school, discussions about personality revolved around the four temperaments, the sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. Due to my interest in psychology, if I didn’t become architect, I would have probably taken psychology.

During the same time, I came across the Enneagram. How interesting can it be as it can predict what a fully developed personality would progress into? And at the same time, how a peresonality at its worse can degress to a different type.

Nowadays, the study of personality has taken in a strong motivation and purpose: work productivity. I have rediscovered newer personality classification in Church Leadership in Victory Christian Fellowship, Networking Circles and through OCCI Coaching Programs.


Enneagram Personality Profiles

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