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The Path to Freedom is Love

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Life Begins Here

For many times in my life, I don’t want to go through the process. I just want the results. I want the intimacy, not the spending time. I want the faith, I don’t want the desperation. I want healthy boundaries; I don’t want the mistakes to find it. I want the hope, not the falling and standing up. I want the girl, not the challenge. Well, life is about taking the journey to get to your destination. 😀

A little child of faith on a long impossible journey

A little child of faith on a long impossible journey

For some reason the journey gets heavier because of “culture” and “Christian tradition”. At other times, we put it on ourselves. I am a perfectionist, and though I talk about the Grace and Love of God, in practice I am blind and continue to work for God to accept me. There are some practices that hurt our journey by putting heavy rocks onto our already heavy load. Then we burden Continue reading