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Toastmaster Speech Project 4: The Big D

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The Big D: Steps to Debt Free Living
Toastmasters Speech Number 4: “How to Say it”

<I guess my good introduction have bad SEO, no Debt and Finances mentioned in the first 2 Sentences. ☺ >

Among the constellations, the Big Dipper lies glimmering in the Northern Sky of a dark cold night. The brightest stars include Alkaid, Mizar, Alioth and Megrez. Constellations make us think deeply about the World and wonder; but never as deep as your current Credit Card Debt.

Yes! The Billing on your next Credit Card makes you think deeply because it is as big as the Constellations!

The Big debt

The Big debt

What is Debt?
Before we operate on your empty pockets, it would help to know what debt is. Debt, simply stated is any “money owed to anyone for anything.” That description includes everything from the Jeepney fare you owed to your best buddy to the Indian guy who keeps you covered up-and-tip-toe in your office. Continue reading