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In the past 10 years I have made comitments, no, piled comitments also known as Faith Goals ^insert current year.
What I’ve found is that those commitments that I was most excited and felt fearless were most easily granted no matter how obscure the odds.

There you have it. Make it challenging and make it inspiring.

What further solidified commitment and resolve was addition the clarity of prayer and fasting at the first week of the year.


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Mentors are Gifts

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After a long time of praying about it, God has started to give me a mentor in my business. And like David and Jonathan, he is well advanced in the field. At the start, you could already feel that he had slain his share of giants, and still want to slay more. Thankfully, talking about his experience, he is grateful that he too, started with nothing like the best mentors.

Tip: It is better to hear it from those who have experienced it than learning it the long and hard way. Nevertheless, after hearing the short answer, you still have the option to learn the lesson the hard way. (For stubborn folks like me)

The Gift of Mentors

The Gift of Mentors

Mentors are Gifts.

As they say, great leaders don’t make it ‘great’ on their own, they learn from other great men. Mentors are Gifts. They come at a crucial time when you probably need the help.


Mentors as Peice-Supplier.

Human as we are, we might be missing some pieces in our armor. And as good as we are, we can never see our own backs. This is called blindspots. We all have them. Their advice and direction provide the guidance to steer us to the right goals.

We might also have figured the gameplan early, but their little suggestions sometimes fit in our total strategy completely.


Richard Meriveles, thanks a lot.

Mentors Fill in the Missing Puzzle

Mentors Fill in the Missing Puzzle


  • Benchmarking.

I thought I was doing ok in Article Writing, – – –  not until you see “real” article writers.

Writing is not a hobby. It is a discipline. It takes a willing heart and constant learning.

Writing is a discipline. You do what you don’t like to do until it becomes a part of you.

No one really wants to compare himself to the average. You compare yourself to the best!

  • Emotionless.

A professional writer writes on facts not on impulse or emotion. But having that sudden surge is a plus.

Writing as an exercise includes critical thinking. It will attract negative criticism. You have to learn to be secure and stay humble and willing to face critics.

Just as a comedian repeats the same joke and its delivery until he masters it, writers must constantly push the limit of his craft.

Professional writers can write on a bad day as much as a good day. And he gets paid for it. The amateur simply stops at the first sign of conflict.

I believe this is what I am missing. I tend to get excited. I also “motivate” talk myself.

  •  Targets.

I have always heard this but tonight, it has been underlined and emphasized even more.

Warning: The last point will skew a little away from writing.

Good Bloggers do not write away.

Read as: Always check your keywords and your goal. In online writing, develop your creative writing but everything else points to your goal.

What is your goal? Only you can answer that. 😉


Looking at the three points above, I have just broken all three. I’m starting to write away again. I am excited and emotionally attached in doing this article and I have never checked my keywords. 😦

What do you think?

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Toastmasters Speech 10: Values of Interdependence

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiValues of Interdependence: Toastmasters Speech Number 10: Inspire Your Audience

How many people do you meet in a lifetime?
10,000? 50,000? 100,000?

It depends. If your work is an isolated scientist doing experiments alone, you would meet 73,000 people. That is, if you meet 3 people a day for 67 years. Count 1 off those three, for the friends you meet at school for 10 or 11 years.

But I believe you meet more people especially if you work in PAGCOR or in Insurance. Say hi to me: you have added one more to your list. You are probably meeting 400,000 to 3 Million People in our own lifetimes.

It is crucial then that we communicate with people and collabrate with them. This is what I call Interdependence. It is no secret said Dale Carnegie, a writer on leadership, that people who are able to work happily and efficiently with other people are the most successful.

Interdependence is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. Interdependence or Teamwork is a crucial part of a business, as it is often necessary for colleagues to work well together, trying their best in any circumstance.

We can all work alone. But success in any endeavor is vitally linked to your ability to lead teams and empower them to become interdependent. We can see this in Football where the Azkals brought us to the semifinals. No person has ever won a World Cup alone. Even individual games like golf, need a person to relate with a mentor, his coach.

Tonight I will share with you 5 Values of Interdependence. But before a person can become Interdependent, he or she should know how to be independent, “know how to to care of himself.”

These are the 6 Values of Interdependence, Three of which are geared to towards Independence.

Stephen R. Covey

Stephen R. Covey

Values of Interdependence:

1. Self Starting.
Being proactive means taking initiative, not waiting for others to act first, and being responsible for what you do. The opposite of proactive is reactive. Reactive people react to what goes on around them. Proactive people act based on principles.

Circle of Influence
Imagine a circle within a circle. The inner circle is your circle of influence and the outer circle is your circle of concern. This means that many things which you are concerned about you cannot influence. Yet there are many things which you are concerned about which you can influence. Reactive people focus on their circle of concern. Proactive people focus on their circle of influence. Being proactive also increases your circle of influence.

2. Goal Setting.
All Things Are Created Twice. Continue reading