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Sketchup 101 – National Architecture Week 2011.

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiSketchup 101 – National Architecture Week 2011. UAP Bacolod Chapter

In Celebration of the National Architecture Week which runs on the First Week of December, UAP Bacolod Chapter hosts a lot of Activities for its roster of Architects. The first of these is the Sketch Up Seminar for Architects.



One of the most constant realities in the World is change. And as architects, we have to constantly update ourselves with technology. I remember once that having CAD, Computer Aided Design in my class is a luxury, today, it is a necessity for any global office. This doesn’t mean that offices can not live without CAD, it only means that an office without CAD will have a hard time competing with Global Architecture Firms.

all architects for prayer

all architects for prayer

Sketchup is one of the most user friendly 3D Modelling and Design Tool.  As such it is the most highly recommended software to learn as a Professional Architect. Arch. Ramos who talked about “Sketchup, a Design Presentation or Design Process Tool”. Arch Biaoco’s Talk is about  “Basic Sketchup”.

SketchUp was developed by startup company @Last Software of Boulder, Colorado. SketchUp debuted in August 2000 as a general purpose 3D content creation tool, with the tagline “3D for everyone”. Sketchup was purchased by Google and is today one of the most widely used programs for 3D Modelling.

The meeting was widely attended by Architects of different generations but while the younger ones were happy with technology, some architects have pointed out how fast it is to just sketch it up manually. “The pen is faster than the mouse.” Well I believe that some CAD Software are a little cumbersome, some can actually speed up the work process. So for the question should you go Digital with Sketchup or sketch it up manual, you decide., Find & connect with Architects from France, Germany UK & USA.

Archune Architect Design Directory -USA, Canada, Australia

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Google Sketchup Tower Architecture

Tower Archi Model

Here is the Amazing Video of a Sketchup Modelling in 10 Minutes! Google Sketchup in 1 Hours or Less.