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180413 Revelation: My Own Gundam Suit

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180413 Revelation: My Own Gundam Suit

I was worshiping here in Bacolod and just allow God to speak.

God poured out His heart for me and assured me of His presence in my life. He was saying “this ride looks crazy as it is Ian. And you haven’t even started yet. I have to show you many things. I have a lot in store for you.” I just felt so blessed, to be chosen of God. The word in Psalms 23 kept running back in my mind: “surely goodness and mercy will keep running after you all the days of your life and I will thrive and never leave the presence of God every day of my life.” I can feel that it isn’t the place that will prosper me. Even Dubai, the US or Australia which are prosperous nations are nothing to compare with how I bless you. Imagine it, God will bless you just because you step onto their place – it is you who command the blessing to them. In Jesus, the blessings of Abraham are in YOU!

Angelic Demons Spiritual Form

Angelic Demons Spiritual Form (Sorry I can’t find something more closer to how they look)

While I was a teen, I read a Satanist-turned-Christian write about her experience how she was set free by Jesus. She describe these spirits physically as she saw them, including the big man himself! While she was sincere about how she experienced demonic oppression, it was not helpful for me because one of my weakness is the spirit of fear.  She describe demons as angelic beings who were handsome, 12 foot human like creatures who have thick dark black scales as armor and wings. They were skilled in their chosen field of expertise like the demon of Lust, demon of Alcohol, demon of Drugs, demon of Cancer, etc. I was pretty much paranoid as I imagined demons in everything that goes wrong in my life. The spirit of fear, drowned the oftentimes soft voice of God in my life. Continue reading