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A Year of Courage: OCCI LEAP 69

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A Year of Courage

Today I turn one year on my Second Enlightenment experience.

My first was when someone cared enough to share about Jesus, and I accepted him as my Savior and Lord. From that time, my life never became the same. The Second one happened last year. It was a colorful experience of learning how to laugh, to feel and to really love. Before it, I was simply thinking to laugh, thinking to feel, thinking to love.

The Enlightenment Journey - OCCI LEAP

The Enlightenment Journey – OCCI LEAP

This morning, my journey brings me to seek more courage. After taking my morning 60x of pushups, I reflected that this habit is not getting to be burden and I can move to my next habit project. Continue reading

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The Awesome Power of Willingness

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

The Awesome Power of Willingness!

Choice is what most people on earth have. You may not be able to choose your parents, siblings and current state in life, but most of the things you face – you could make a choice!

Personal Devotion to Change

Personal Devotion to Change

The struggle comes when we feel we are helpless in trying to change things that in reality are beyond our power. We feel stuck and in no-progress zone. As fear and terror grips us we go through the same cylcle until grace, a beautiful moment leads us to a powerfule discovery about change.

Most people are uncomfortable with change. In fact majority of people resist change and while change is inevitable. We must face it every day of out life. As we journey, we see that the more we struggle with things we cannot change, we get more stuck, but at the same time, if we willingly accept things we cannot change, we find forgiveness for ourselves and a new ticket to life. Continue reading