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How to Hurt Less after a Loss (of Love)

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How to Hurt Less after a Loss (of Love) or
Why my first loss didn’t hurt as it should

She came back and saw me. Small talk. Then she dropped the nuclear. It came with fire. It explodes! I squinted through the smoke.

After a few seconds, I check for damage. I was unhurt. But how?

It’s not me like me. I remember once during 2008 recession when my company let me go. That was a rejection bomb. By the way, the stronghold spirits operating in my life is the Spirit of Rejection and Spirit of Fear. They have full control. So when my boss spoke the word, it felt like the whole sky turned black and dark all of a sudden. A heaviness fell over my heart and a dagger plunged deep into my soul. Ouch!! As much as I want to look casual and fine, I can’t. I looked broken and hurt. That is the power of a stronghold.

The Bomb of Rejection

The Bomb of Rejection

But this was a major bomb. It was a nuclear. And it was my first hopeful relationship. But why was I unscathed? I may be wrong, but this is why I didn’t hurt as much as I should from this loss.

Disclaimer: This is not reality as I may still be in denial. But this is as honest as I could on what my perspective looks like.

Love hurting from loss

Love hurting from loss

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