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Spoken Word: Love at Eighty-fa–v (85)

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Spoken Word: I wanna fall in Love at 85
Written and performed by IN-Q

Living Present Loveing Future

Living Present Loveing Future

I wanna fall in Love at 85
Go on shuffleboard dates and dance to hip-hop from ‘95
Our song would be Staying Alive, but only for the message
Otherwise we’d keep away from disco, it’s depressing
We’d rock matching tracksuits and rope gold chains
We’d look like Run DMC but in their old age
We’d take aerobics classes Continue reading


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Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage, A Christian Perspective

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

The USA Decision on Gay Marriage, a Christian Perspective

Attending a Workshop in the last weekend, I came to face the emotional side of me. I would have been better but I am bothered that some people that are leading and sharing are guys who prefer guys. There is a concern that there maybe a transference of spirit but I am glad that instead of paranoia, I chose to understand. While spirit transfer is real, Jesus chose to be open and related with everyone.

Being a person who looks intelligent and speaks thoughtfully. A lot of people has asked if I am indeed gay. And this comes from the perception that I am not your typical macho in a Filipino judging society. Add to this the homophobia in the culture and the radical conservative judgement of the Christian and Catholic History of our nation. The key spirit in homosexuality is rejection. It is the exalted spirit who sits high enough it is hard to take down. I hate it when people doubt me but I have come to be secure in the Grace has given me. But coming from a place of understanding, I don’t have to prove that I am not.

Approved Gay Marriage - US Courts

Approved Gay Marriage – US Courts

Continue reading

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Good and Bad Lessons I Learned from President Duterte

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Good and Bad Lessons I Learned from President Duterte

by Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

I have a confession to make. I was not a Duterte supporter. But the news kept getting interesting. In fact, it was amusing. On one crazy campaign trail, we heard about the pope, to being deprived of rape, to the violence of passionate rallies, I couldn’t help but think. This guy probably has something right going his way.

I have never seen Rodrigo Duterte smirk. His face always looked serious but the sly smug smile is undoubtedly fixed on his forehead in a “sincerely innocent” kind of way. Here’s my take on what I learned from the man.

Lessons from the Controversial President

Lessons from the Controversial President

Lesson 1: If you hear anything impossible, come up with something equally preposterous.

Once he was asked by media about something that was clearly going to mislead the public with his answer. His response?

Tall tales. He bragged on about the time he caught a few drug pushers and cooked them in oil, he also went out and killed a thousand criminals. Then he tried to skin them and eat them alive.


Lesson 2: Come in late but Fresh.

You have probably done it in school. You went in while your professor was midway into the lesson. Now, my friend the spotlight is on you!

The presidentiable started out late by choice. It was supposedly heard that “everyone” is urging him to run for president. Continue reading

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Poetry: Once in a Life

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Once in a Life

By: Ian Jay Bantilan
Written July 15, 2014

La Bella Pricepessa - Bantilan Style

La Bella Pricepessa – Bantilan Style

With a quiet gaze you move me
Your simple prodding they turn
My Strong resolve like a dummy
How long before my mind burn?

Some of the prettiest creatures dent
Their wiles and crafty measures sent
Yet their plans do not make me bend
My love-immune systems stand. Continue reading