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ArchiTheory: Principles of Composition

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ArchiTheory: Principles of Composition

When children learn art, it is like learning to read and write the language of vision. When they develop a style of expressing visual ideas, it helps them become visual poets. Looking for the visual effects of design principles does not have to limit an artist’s options. It can focus an artist’s experimentation and choice making.

Basic Principles of Composition of Space (2)

This is the same with ARCHITECTURE. Continue reading

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End of the Line. Please find new Line

Last Nov.11th is my end of Contract in an Architecture Company. And the whole 2 weeks, I have to site with myself and think and evaluate myself. How did I grow into this? How far did I come,

I have learned from life to live by Faith and believe in my dreams. Most often, as those dreams drift away and detour, our hope also turns to desperation. And desperation ain’t feel good! One thing I have discovered is that there is a better way to deal with detours: Prepare for them.