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Review of Musika sa Museum Cafe

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Review of Musika sa Museum Cafe – Sept.22 6pm

My first experience with the violin is with my maternal Grandfather, Portraitist and Painter, Timoteo Guintos (my poem about him here) who I’ve heard playing when I was just 4 years old. I also get a good pelting when I made my brother cry. Nevertheless, I understood the moody disposition of my grandfather and his quiet disposition. This made a great impression on me as a growing artist and I sought to look the for “family treasure” years later, – the violin.
CPAC Choir of Bacolod City

CPAC Choir of Bacolod City

The Program was divided into 3 parts, Trio and Violin peices by the CPAC students, Classical Solos and finally the Violin and Viola peices of Mr. David Strong. The Museum Cafe was filled by art patrons and music lovers from all over Bacolod, including a good representation of Chinese and Indian visitors. Continue reading

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I will Trust You by Steven Curtis Chapman

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

“I Will Trust You”

I’m hitting a bump lately with plans. And really got discouraged. Slept and forgot about it but somehow the heaviness remains. I really thank God for this peice of music from Steven Curtis Chapman. Renews your faith. Allows you to grieve and pick yourself up. Rebuilds your faith.

I’m ready for another bloody day, fighting, standing, courageous. Willing to be hurt. 🙂

Thank you Steven Curtis Chapman.

I don’t even wanna breathe right now
All I wanna do is close my eyes
But I don’t wanna open them again
Until I’m standing on the other side
I don’t even wanna be right now
I don’t wanna think another thought Continue reading