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Potentialities of a New Beginning in 2014

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Potentialities of a New Beginning in 2014

As we approach this new year. We remember the good things from the past year and reminisce. Then, at this year’s opening, we welcome the freshness. Each new year brings newness and life – a new slate. I love to sit down with potential:

a blank Calendar,

a red planner,

a pink tie,

and New Wine.

 Calendar and Planner to begin a New Year 2014

Calendar and Planner to begin a New Year 2014

The white spaces seem to invite wonder and potential like a blank canvas. This will be the story of my life for the next year. This is a new beginning.

“the old things have past away, behold all things have become new. . .”

With this newness also comes a certain uncertainty, a certain tentativeness and hesitation. Yet this uncertainty moves forward through confidence.

And big things are coming for us this year. Let’s plan it together.

Hope for the New Year 2014

Hope for the New Year 2014

Sorry guys. Forgot to take a nice picture.

Yzza Alburo. Pyrl Divinagracia. Zane Jalandra. Kristine Joy Agsam.
Clyde Louie de Guzman. Nic Andrew Bravo. Telle Esmalla. Fryl Sagre.

P.s. did I miss anyone? (I hope waay may masunggod)


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2012 Welcome to the New World!

It’s a new year.

We are looking at new friends, relationships, alliances, faith and memories. My year usually starts with a week fast seeking, searching and asking God for New directions for the Year.

Year 2012: Welcome to the New World

Year 2012: Welcome to the New World (This is not my old Header ok? 🙂 )

For Ian the optimist, I am seeing a bright future and exciting ventures into new businesses. For Ian the pessimist, newer challenges, deadly turns and romantic woes. But what the future holds? Only time can tell. Journey with me through my posts for this year. Thank you for reading, Read on.

One of my first moves: Change the Header. I’m tired of it. What do you think?


New Life Coming Up

I am excited. A new thing is coming into my life. A month from now, my life as I call it would radically change. Well, radical, in a way.

new life coming up

There are two ways to deal with change: to Face it head on, to run away or just Sleep. I used to sleep a lot and pretend things don’t exist. But for some reason, this present Challenge is getting me to come out of my long hiatus and put a new clean shirt called Courage and Believe that New Things are coming. Continue reading