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Happy Valentines! 2009 MTV One and Only You

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Happy Valentines! 10 Years Since

It’s Valentine’s Day!

After much thought and anticipation, I would like to post a video I made back in 2009. The video might look amateur but its my best effort back then.

One and Only You by Ian Jay Bantilan

One and Only You by Ian Jay Bantilan

10 Years Ago
Imagine yourself 10 years ago. Could you think back on your understanding of love? Ten years ago, I didn’t know a lot about love, but I thought I did. At this time I believed:

  1. Being right was more important than loving other people.
  2. I did not know how to receive love.
  3. Romance was transactional and more about getting.
  4. I have polarized black and white/ good or bad thinking
  5. Caring (in hindsight) looked like for others to see.

But because I was an ok, working in one of the richest cities in the world in an architect job, not only did these not matter. I wasn’t aware I had them. Continue reading