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Fountainhead, Standing for your Design

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The story is about an idealistic architect Howard Roark, who is expelled from college because his designs fail to fit with existing architectural thinking. He seems unemployable until he finally lands a job with an avant-garde Designer but struggling Architect Henry
Cameron. However within a few years Cameron drinks himself to death. He warns Roark that if he stands in this idealism, the same fate awaits him, unless he compromises his ideals and “go with the crowd”.Roark agrees to design a tower for his friend, without pay, but insists that the client accepts his design as is. The Client adulterates the design and constructs it. Roarke sabotages the construction and is called to appear in court.
Fountainhead, Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal

Fountainhead, Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal

“Your Honor, I shall call no witnesses.”
“This will be my testimony and my summation.” Continue reading