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The Path of Law and Obedience, Of Love and Sacrifice

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The Path of Law and Obedience, of Love and Sacrifice

Muslims fast because it is required by their law.

That is obedience.

They do it in the month of Ramadan where, for 40 days, they wouldn’t even drink water from sunrise to sunset. Any thing less is sin for them. Yet the law provides equity because some people are exempt: the pregnant, the sick and those below 12 years old. At 12 years old, I am just thinking that this severe discipline will probably leave a mark and a strong impression on the child.


Muslim Prayer and Obedience

Muslim Prayer and Obedience

And no wonder why they will be willing to face certain death for the sake of their faith. They will eat before sunrise and after sunset, where they prepare a feast! Think about the power of millions of people doing this civil obedience. Compare these to the rallies of civil unrest and disobedience in the US. They number in the thousands. They stand for their rights: “human rights”, “labor rights”, lesbian and gay rights, but few will be willing to die for their cause. (Some probably will.)

Jesus came two thousand years ago. He went into fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. Yes, it was in obedience but it was something more: it was also a sacrifice. He was brave and committed, and was willing to face death. Not for obedience but for love.

I am now in my second day since my last meal. What keeps me on is love for God and faith. I am not saying that I am perfect. On the contrary I oftentimes faulter.

When you start thinking about it, you will never sacrifice for someone you don’t know. We always find it hard to to give a little extra for someone we don’t quite know. It’s too uncomfortable, and rightly so. Would you give a tenth of your earning? Would you give up a job? A relationship? A hobby? But those in relationship will find it easy to give up their own money, their time, their sleep, their comfort for pain. A father will wake up late in the evening to change diapers. There is connection, there is love, there is relationship.

That’s Love.

Love Equals Sacrifice

Love Equals Sacrifice

What drives your faith? Law or Love?


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Fasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? Part 1

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiFasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work?

Me and a lot of my friends are corporately going to fast here in Bacolod City. Probably 300 of us, some from one-meal-days to liquid-and-water- only for 7 days.

Why? We have different answers. We have our reasons, some for health, but most of us are Fasting our Way to a Successful Year.

This is not about hitting yourself on the back like in April (Penitence – it’s much too early for that and we definitely have not lost our sense of time) I believe Fasting is a Time of connecting to a Higher Greater Being knowing that for Continue reading

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Fasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? Part 2

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiFasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? (2nd of 3 Parts)

Bob Rogers told this story. “I used to be a wrestler. I learned about wrestling because I lived in the worst part of town. So I wrestled in a 95-pound-weight class. Then next year, I wrested at the 103 pound weight class, the next year I moved to 112 and the next year I have one state in a University in a 139 pound weight class. I went on and on and tried out for the Olympic Team. Then one year, as I was training I changed to 154-weight class. I gained some weight to make it to that weight.”

Wrestling in the 400 Pound Class

Wrestling in the 400 Pound Class

In that level, there were guys that weight at 175 pounds and they pulled down and competed on 154 pounds. It was a lot tougher at 154 so the next year I lost weight and Continue reading

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Fasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? Part 3

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiFasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? (3rd and Final of 3 Parts)

I am speaking tonight a Prophetic Word for some people in this room. “You have a desire to serve God and when you’re around the fire you are very very hot. But when you go to the market place, you got areas of your life that you have some weaknesses. Now if you don’t learn how to add fasting as the disciplines in your life.

You’ll fall into sin. Your wife will leave you. There will be an adulterous situation that will take place.

“Every person take heed lest they fall.”

Fasting and the Word

Fasting and the Word

There is an empowerment that comes when people Fast that doesn’t come in any other way. Fasting doesn’t take the place of reading the Bible. But the word of God take the place of Fasting. There is the Power of the Holy Ghost! But if you don’t give, I don’t care how much you Speak in Tongues. So the Holy Ghost doesn’t take the place of giving, and Continue reading