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Secret Non-Believers Know about Christians

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Secret Non-Believers Know about Christians

A page from the book, The Briarpatch Gospel: Fearlessly Following Jesus into Thorny Places by Shayne Wheeler.

An excerpt from the book tells a story of modern day churches as it reaches out to non-church people. Enjoy.

Within hours, my high flying dream of evangelistic stardom had begun to stall as, one after another, the disinterested denizens of Brighton Beach accepted one of our tracts, gave it a quick glance and dropped it without even breaking stride. The discarded leaflets began to pile up in the trash cans and blow like forsaken tumbleweeds on the streets of this bustling city. “Rather than capturing a city for Christ, we were creating more work for the New York City sanitation workers. By the end of the day, my evangelistic fervor was in a steep death spiral

Welcome to earth, Shayne. I hope you enjoyed your flight.

By the third day, embarrassment had given way to a growing cynicism. We decided to move our team our to the famous boardwalk, where folks would presumably be more jovial, friendly, and open to our efforts.

This was not a good move.

The unrepentant littering continued. One member of our team approached two men who may have been members of the Russian mafia. After treating him to a litany of profanity and threats, on of the men pulled bakc his jacket to reveal a holstered handgun, not so politely inviting our teenager to walk away and not return.

Things were not going as planned.

Disillusioned, I stopped near a bench overlooking the ocean, where an elderly gentleman in a well word fedora sat watching the waves, wooden cane hooked on the backrest. Judging him unlikely to be hiding a gun under his faded green summer jacket, I at down to lick my wounds.

Maniplating People to Receive Jesus

Maniplating People to Receive Jesus

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