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How we can Turn Back Time and Aging

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How we can Turn Back Time and Aging

Jesus Christ on Ferrari

How would Jesus Christ look on a Ferrari on 100BC

Imagine for a moment that we were all waiting for Jesus back in 100BC. We think he will be a ruler, he was wearing Armani suit, drives a Ferrari and has 5 gold rings on his finger, cool shades and a fuzzy hat. Then in 4AD, Jesus came looking like an outcast, wears a jersey and He looks black. He didn’t kick out the Romans – the problem we want to solve, but He intrudes on rearranging the personal life and our temple, things we thought were ok and doesn’t need fixing. That is how Jesus looks like when He comes daily in our life, He feels so outrageous and intruding it is easy to miss Him even if He comes not everyday but every hour! That is my experience. Continue reading