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Singapore: The Serangoon Neighborhood

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Singapore: The Serangoon Neighborhood

One big advantage if you stay on bed and breakfast is that you taste a different flavor of the city. While hotels and lodges will always give you the 3-5 star experience, if indeed it is available on the city, there is a certain charm waking up to a home right in the city. You could wake up on a real house, with furniture , sometimes with little children. You could feel the real thing – how it would be to live in the city.

Thanks to our hosts in Lorong Gambir, Serangoon – we just had that for a fraction of the price. It also beats living with relatives, while that would be the costless alternative.

Welcome to – the Modern Asian City!

3 Serangoon Community where we stayed (11)When we first arrived at the BNB, it was 4am. It was expected that a lot of calls are needed to wake the now slumbering hosts. When dawn broke the next day, I was delighted to get my tropical sunshine morning greeted by my hosts. Over biscuits and coffee, I took some books (the guy who owns the house has everything from Art, Graphics (his job), management, marketing and leadership – very well read guy!

Modern Neighbor beside our hosts, of Serangoon

Modern Neighbor beside our hosts, of Serangoon

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