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Side A and Real Life Foundation in “Para Kay Toto” Concert

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Side A and Real Life Foundation in “Para Kay Toto” Concert

I was spending time with my friends yesterday and we were talking about the coming Side A Concert in Bacolod City. What dawned on me is that this is not going to be a regular concert. The performing band would not be earning anything from this, but instead, they will be creating a difference for 1000 young kids who are currently part of the foundations who will be the recipients of this concert.

Side A Concert Para kay Toto

Side A Concert Para kay Toto

A thousand? That’s a lot! For other people, it is just a number but the lives that would be changed would be significant. Consider this: that the kids that tug along when you pass the overpass would not have the oppurtunity to decide if they are neglected and make a choice to “pay back” to the world through crime, but that through education, they can learn that other people care. Continue reading