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Singapore: Art Scene and National Library

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Singapore: Art Scene and National Library!

The heart of any country is its Art and Culture. If Art – music, architecture, paintings, media, poetry, drama and literature dies. No matter how rich a country is, the beat stops. Life gets gray. And soon enough lifeless. . . enough of that.

ARchitecture SkinsSingapore Art Museum

Architecture SkinsSingapore Art Museum

Architecture Building Skins Singapore

Architecture Building Skins Singapore

We visited Art District to get a taste of its Art Scene. We began with the Singapore Art Museum or SAM in Bras Basah Road. As a young country, Singapore understood the role of developing Art and Culture as a required stimulus to flowering economic growth. Most first world nations have high levels of art appreciation. The “high culture” could be a result of a nation’s economic boom but at the same time, stimulating culture could also have the same effect on the economy. Continue reading