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The “Being” of Experiencing God

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The “being” of Experiencing God

This morning, now my 6th day in my room, as I was looking for my Oil Pastel set (still looking for it) I found these.

the Gift of nice shoes

the Gift of nice shoes

Looks like a nice new pair of shoes. But nothing unusual you would say. But in fact what’s unusual is it’s been there beside my bed since December when I received it. Sorry Tita Leny. Sounds like my experience with God.

I have been too familiar with my life, but He’s always ‘game’ for a puzzle of hide n’ seek all the time. There are promises waiting for us in the background screaming in my face, yet all I could see is my sin, my job, my stuff, my business, my ministry. Have you taken time to smell the flowers lately?

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Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

Most of my life it feels is about measuring up and being ahead of everyone else. The problem isn’t that I’m not brilliant but that its hard to be the most promising entrepreneur, the budding architect-designer and the successful man-in-relationship.

I just heard from a podcast that life just happens. Our best laid plans fire away. It is easy to be tough on yourself and beat yourself up for not succeeding this time.

As I take this long walk home at 12:30am, I discover that there is so much love along the way. This new home away from home. I have cared about things and achievements for far too long. I’ve passed this site where once stood a very frustrated, angry and lost man. I saw my first day of work and all the insecurities of trying to look good and Continue reading