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A Break on the Path ends Here: Still Students for Life

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A Break on the Path ends Here: Still Students for Life

For the past few years, I had enough to give. Knowledge to share and wisdom to spare. The task to teach sometimes call you to assume some knowledge for the process to continue. The truth is, nothing is really head knowledge, you have to re-learn and master what you already know for you to be effective.

University of Santo Tomas - Main Building

University of Santo Tomas – Main Building

I guess Architecture is a never ending quest to learn. One who teaches must continue to seek knowledge. This Semester, I will remain your friend. If there are things you want to ask, ask yourself, your friends, and finally me. If we know the answerS (with an s) we will all discover them.
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Gale Orlean Jarlego: Marine Ecological Research Center

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

The Marine Ecological Research Center in the Municipality of Pulupandan, Philippines

La Consolacion College – Architecture Thesis 2013

Proponent: Gale Orlean Jarlego

Architecture Thesis 2013

Project: Marine Ecological Research Center

School: La Consolacion College – Bacolod City

School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design

Thesis Description:

MERC is a self-contained scientific village on stilts. This project aims to develop scientific awareness among people where they can explore the areas of science.

Upon entering, a lodge will be established 4 d accommodation & support of the people conducting rsearch, education & Environmental stewardship Projects. This will b connected to another tourism facility, the discovery building, a museum with an extensive reference collection of marine organisms. The focal point of the development will be the MERC Main Building which will be given more emphasis by the Discovery Pond, an area which will promote interactivity between nature and the visitors. Another feature that will serve both as a recreational & learning area will be the dive facility. It will be on the same edifice as the Dolphin and Bird Watching Tower. Beside it will be the Avian Sanctuary, a holding facility for tourism, research and rehabilitation of avian forms.