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Global Building Typologies: Tropical Vernacular Architecture

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Global Building Typologies: Tropical Vernacular Architecture

Final Presentation: Due Nov 29 (for Friday Meeting) and Dec. 2 (for Monday class)

  • Group yourselves into groups of 5. Again – 5 Only. If your group member was chosen to be the videographer, you will technically work as 4 for this Presentation.
  • Select a Leader who will be assigned a Region.
  • Investigate the different Building Typologies for your selected region of the world.
  • Each class needs a Videographer and Videoeditor. They will be excused from their Group’s Presentation.

0. South and Central America – by the Instructor
1. Central and Southern Africa
2. Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean (Spain, Greece, Italy, etc.)
3. Australia and Oceania (Polynesia, Micronesia including Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand.)
4. Scandinavia (Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden)
5. South and Central Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
6. South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, etc.)
7. Carribean Countries
8. Canada

A. Presentation – Powerpoint Slides or Selected Presentation Tool.

Please create a MINIMUM of 30 Slides. Simplify your text font. (Recommended to use Times Roman, Arial or Calibri).

Everyone should dress nicely for the Presentations. (Only a scene of the whole class will be video’d plus My Introduction Speech – the speech is for each Region / Group).

If you feel you should have more part in the video, request it from the assigned videographers in the class. You can only request for your own video. Please don’t stalk your classmates. I am assuming that all students do not want to be in the video. (But I do. 🙂 )

The video will be posted in my Youtube Channel. Please do not repost this video in your FB wall or public space but you can share this with your classmates through your private FB groups. (Basi magsikat ko – Seriously.)

1. Present the members of your Group (first slide) and your Assigned Region.

2. Highlight a Map of the Area (show in your first slides)

3. Find examples of Native or Vernacular Houses and Architecture

Vernacular architecture = is a category of architecture based on localized needs and construction materials, and reflecting local traditions.
This evolve over time to reflect the environmental, cultural, technological, and historical context in which it exists. While often not thoroughly and academically planned, this kind of architecture played and still plays a major role in the history of architecture and design, especially in local settings.

4. Identify 4-5 unique Building Sub-typologies – either by country or by area in the region. Present their characteristics / elements. Each group member will report on a building typology. It would be great to give examples of both Residential and Community Architecture.

5. Provide Description for each Building Sub-Typology. Do not put the description on the slides but you may read it from your cue. Only titles of the description may be displayed.

B. Written Report.

The Group Written Report will include description and the ‘building elements’ below. No need to print the pictures.

Written Report will be submitted on December 6. Powerpoint must be submitted Nov 29 for Fri and Dec 2 for Mon Class (just give thru usb)

Identify the following elements: (Presentation verbally and file in your written report only. No need to individual slides on all of below)

a. Roof – type and material
b. Walls – type and material
c. Windows and Doors – type,size and material
d. Interior – ceiling height, unusual features
e. Floor Plan – describe the features
f. Landscape, Waterscape, Other Features.

The powerpoint slides will be converted to video format that will be shared in youtube. If you do not want to show your picture as part of the Group Reporters, please remove your Group Picture before giving the Powerpoint to me in USB.

Guys, this will be our only major activity before the prelims. Sadyahon ta ni!

If you have questions , please ask your President and Secretary to ask me, immediately. We meet once a week. Our next meeting will be reporting already.

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bakod bubong balat poem

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai



Our Fathers chopped some Bamboo poles,
And wove the Nipa to the Frame
The Floor they had were full of holes (slits)
Gentle winds course through the same

Centuries past, then Spanish masts
Were cast into our virgin seas
They built with wood and rock & quite fast
They colonized, with Manila as the key (City)

Americans came with tongues a-strange
Who taught us Civic Architecture
With their reign, our home became
Progressive as a land not like any other.

Then came the time that we be free
To find our own identity
We found the strength and heart to rise
And live our Golden Age to the skies.

Soon came a time of doom and deep unrest
A Dictator would put us to a test,
Yet our strength held on to this:
That peace pursued would be the best.

In this time of judging and reflection
We search for meaning and direction,
Our Asian friends are moving forward.
We should rise and our nation’s pride we guard.

Bakod, Bubong, Balat
Enlarge the space, enclose the lot
Pull the cover, lay the roof;
Invite the breeze [and] the sun go mute.

Bakod, Bubong, Balat
Reuse the rain, catch the wind,
Protect the blades, if there’s a lot.
Bring water up, when they spin.

Bakod, Bubong, Balat
Filter the walls on rainy days
Break it open when it’s hot
Keep view of the scenery for always.

Bakod, Bubong, Balat
Keep out the smog, bring in the plants
Chill on the living, cool on the pool
Dine on your table, view scenery=full.

Bakod, Bubong, Balat
Drape hanging vines, like curtains on trellis
They function like lungs, and lets us breath with
Their flowers in bloom with colorful palettes.

Bakod, Bubong, Balat
Without your columns engraved like native tattoos
with light permeating your wooden skin
With wood-plastic treads to your inner-lit chambers.
Your treasures abound in rich royal pleasures

Filipino, you are, to the core of your being;
diverse and unique, United by one roof –
Our History, that binds us together, our Past