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Playing not to Lose vs Dominating your Game

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Dominating the Game of Life

Life is like basketball.

The team that only “doesn’t want to lose” is gonna be pitiful.

You always play to win.

Playing to win means dominating in every pass, every dribble and every shoot.

In life, playing not to lose is like becoming a better person. Just not losing, not going to hell.

Holiness is good and pleases God. But sinning less so that you can have smaller debt to God is crazy. Do you know Jesus didn’t pay exact price for you? He paid way exorbitant fees so that you can be sure that He paid in full. He even gave a receipt – He defeated death.

He paid way over and told devil, “Keep the change, this guys mine now.” He did it for 3 reasons, because He wants you to know:

1. How valuable you are.
2. That its useless to pay for additional fees which devil has the freedom to embezzle you for
3. That you also have to do the same: dont try for passing grade to heaven but totally dominate and be the most powerful you, there has ever been.

Playing Life to Win – Dominating every aspect of your Game

Its time to go and Dominate your Life, champ. There’s no one else that can play life for you!

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Winners of the Raise for Life 2012

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Winners of the Raise for Life 2012

Here are the Winners of the Raise for Life 2012

FIRST PLACE Ryan Hulleza Geraldine Hulleza
SECOND PLACE John Acuńa Jay dha Mae S. Lorega
THIRD PLACE Rowell Hulleza Raye Ferrer

FIRST PLACE Joel Alcorin Stephanie Cadosale
SECOND PLACE Romulo Balinas Jr. Nestle Niuda
THIRD PLACE Rommell G. Hulleza Alysha Juguan

FIRST PLACE Jeson Agravante Jennylyn Nobleza
SECOND PLACE Anthony Babiera Gella Mogar
THIRD PLACE Kevin Serdińa Joy Sy

No Pain no Gain. You Run they Graduate.

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The Dubai Chronicles: The Mystery and End of Bacolod

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Dubai Chronicles: The Mystery and End of Bacolod

The Dubai Chronicles This is not a doomsday post but as we know, all some good things last while newer things and friendships blossom in their stead. All things work for good to those who love God and are called according to Purpose. If we miss out on the simple things in life, it would be a waste to leave without experiencing the Joy of a friend and a reunion.

The Making it through Lacson Street

Susan:”As we sat our butts in the airport nibbling on our Piaya, I just wonder how in the world I bought all these pasalubongs: a truck full! One for friends in Pangasinan, some for Family and Relatives, I even bought for my friends in Dubai.

Ian: “And I have to carry some of the Luggage. Women are Continue reading