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To Save A Life

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“There are 4 sodas and I need 4 volunteers.” Four people move to the front. “The object of the game is to know who is the fastest person to finish their can.” Youths Cheer. “Is everyone ready?” They even cheer louder. “But before you begin let me tell you the other Rules.” Everyone listens. “You should drink the soda through a sock!” The kids looked sickened. The kids take off their shoes and sock, some are more ‘used up’ than others. One had a great golden brown skin patches on his own. . .ove in front. “Everybody have their socks? And one more thing, you have to drink it from the person next to you!” The volunteers looked helpless and looked at their mates’ can-and-sock. Then the contest begins. . . . .

Just watched the film, To Save a Life, with some friends for our own home viewing pleasure. I loved the film. Thanks Matt.

I remember my college days in Youth on Fire, now ENCM, when we have all kinds of gameshows, parties, interviews and the craziest things you could think of under the sun. The story runs around how valuable one life actually is. Some can count some person on a 20$ note and others like a penny. But he asked how much are you willing to do for a penny. I believe that with each person is a valuable treasure that we need to discover. Unless you spend time with the person, (not just those you like) you wont really know.

To Save a Life Film

It’s a new way of looking at people. Would you ever know that a whole life had changed because you were there? How about a whole city or a whole emirate? Or a whole nation becuase you cared to touch a life?

This film also reminds me that there is so much to do on a Friday night than stay at home and study. There are key issues in life you just can’t learn in bed searching the internet. I used to be a loner. Sometimes I still am. But there is so much more in life.

In Bacolod CIty, you can find the Youth Jam on Friday nights on Robinson’s Place top level, ask for Victory. Your weekend night will never be the same.


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