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Negros Region: a Benefit or Bother

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Negros Region: A Tale of Two Cities

“It is in the nature of those in the bottom to seek the easiest route;
it is the nature of men on top to seek honor and the most ambitious success
it is in the heart of a Wise Leader to listen to those in the bottom.”

Years ago, we celebrated the inauguration of the New Government Center of Bacolod City. While the celebration was filled with funfare and excitement, what followed next is interesting. As I rode a public utility (jeepney), the driver had to pass through the new building – certainly out of way for our route. It was probably an additional 10 minutes off our normal commute. You can hear the complaints – why does the jeepney pass this way when everyone works somewhere else. As a typical Filipino in pakisama, I nodded my head, but in my mind, I would say, “. . . of course it has to pass this way, many government employees work here, now.

A year passed and now the New Government City of Bacolod is the hub for runners , hosting as many as 30 runs a year, including activities of many kinds. Youth come in with skateboards and strut their stuff on the rails and the streets while the yuppies parade their bikes. The children run around in the park and the mums and dads quietly lay on the grass as the teens and students chuckle along the park.

No more complaints. No one is having a bad day.

It is the nature of people in a democracy to criticize those in the top. In our culture, because we give you power, we get to eat food from your house – and assume it is your responsibility. But those in the top have a different charge: to accomplish the best they can. (While some make it a goal to make the most cash while their there)


Bacolod's Main Avenue - Lacson Street

Bacolod’s Main Avenue – Lacson Street

Bacolod's New Government Center

Bacolod’s New Government Center

The Negros Region: A Tale of Two Cities

I am coming again to read of how hard it is to go to Kabankalan, or Mabinay as the centralized office for both Bacolod City and Dumaguete City.

Negros is the fourth largest island in the Philippines and has one of the most number of cities back in 2000’s. While being one island, it is divided by a large divide, the Mt. Kanlaon, Mt. Mandalagan and Mt. Talinis – mountains that separate the low soft spoken Ilonggo tone of the West – Negros Occidental to the faster, singsang Cebuano speakers of the East – Negros Oriental.

Robinson's in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Robinson’s in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

The western capital, Bacolod City belong as a province of Western Visayas while the eastern capital, Dumaguete, is joined to Central Visayas, whose capital is Cebu. One island with two language but a bright future.

I am not aware about Dumaguete’s situation, but in Bacolod, I hear the long travel to Kabankalan or Mabinay, the center of the two capitals. This is because the regional capital of Negros Occidental is Iloilo City, across the Guimaras Strait, while most transactions for Dumaguete points to the regional capital – Cebu.

I love Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

I love Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Staking Points of Change

Change is never easy. Only in their completion can we really look back and see things for what they are worth. Whether our leaders are indeed envisioning a better Negros, or simply filling their sacks with gold, we might not truly know. But we can be sure that those who lead 20 years ago has placed Bacolod at the vantage of progress.


Reasons why Regional Negros isn’t so Bad at All

  1. New Regional Offices in the Center of the Province increases traffic and infrastructure.
  2. Increase of government funding for Negros Region Projects. Bacolod shares the funds of Iloilo and Panay. We can clearly see those funds through Senator Drilon’s New Business District. Dumaguete gets her share from her Mother City, Cebu.
  3. The best resorts in Negros need to be shared – accessed from different angles and not from one.
  4. Negros can maintain its economic and business ties with Iloilo and Cebu and stronger ties between Dumaguete and Bacolod.

The journey towards progress is lined with oppurtunities for growth. Those who embrace it will find it satisfying, while those who wouldn’t can’t help but wait. Let’s build this.


One Island,

One Region,

One Negros!

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Thematic Theories of Architecture

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Thematic Theories of Architecture

Theory of Architecture 1 – University of San Agustin, Philippines

Thematic Theories of Architecture

Thematic theories are treatises which aim at the fulfillment of one principal goal, usually at the cost of other customary goals of building.

Paradigm / Style of architecture: Basic presentation of its theory:
Classical Greek / Roman Doric, Ionian + Corinthian style (& their varieties in ancient Greece & Rome)
Vitruve: De Architectura libri decem.
It was mainly documentation of earlier
architectural traditions.
Romanesque and Gothic styles.   Medieval anonymous tradition of trade
 guilds has not survived;
Samples of work: Villard de
Honnecourt and Schmuttermayer.
Renaissance, baroque, Alberti: De re Aedificatoria. Serlio, Vignola, Palladio…
Rococo, Neo-Classical style
“Structuralist” Style = Galilei: Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche intorno a due nuove scienze. Hooke, Bernoulli, Euler…
emphasizes the structure). Large constructions: bridges and halls.
Personal styles Viollet-le-Duc: Entretiens sur l’Architecture. The book showed logical basis for new form languages but it did not create them yet. Notice also Owen Jones and John Ruskin.
L‘art Nouveau. Art Deco
Le Corbusier etc.
Functionalism. The teaching of Gropius and Bauhaus. Adolf Loos. Neufert (1936): Bauentwurfslehre
Prefab (pre- fabricated components) The lectures and exemplars given by Mies van der Rohe and others. Habraken.
/ Systems Building
Ecological architecture Eco-philosophy by Henryk Skolimowski was one of the pioneering works.
(energy collectors etc)
Symbolic architecture. Norberg-Schulz: Intentions
in Architecture, Jencks…

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We become new creatures - God will finish what he started

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Finishes what He began

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Finishes what He began

We become new creatures - God will finish what he started

We become new creatures – God will finish what he started

Talking with an officemate, I happen to endorse a book I’m reading and got to read it all along for the lazy evening. It said:

Have you ever felt like a captive? You can’t seem to break free from habitual sins that have held you back and held you down? A dream God conceived in your spirit years ago hasn’t taken shape the way you wanted it to? You know who you want to be, what you want to do, and where you want to go, but you can’t seem to get there.

I have no idea where you’re stuck or for how long you’ve been stuck. But I do know that God wants to finish what He started.

– Mark Batterson

New Life springs from the Ground - God can restore your life

New Life springs from the Ground – God can restore your life

Similar Post from way beyond.

New Life Coming Up


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Tropical Design Fundamentals: Passive Design

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Tropical Design Fundamentals: Passive Design

Contrast of Passive Cooling and Heating

  • Passive design systems are techniques in lighting and ventilation, which primarily make use of natural energy sources such as solar radiation, ambient air, sky, wet surfaces, vegetation, internal gains etc. It minimizes or avoids the use of mechanical means in energy flow.
  • It maximize comfort for users.
  • Minimize energy use and other impacts on the environment.
  • Utilizing natural sources of energy, such as the sun and the wind, to provide heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.
Passive Tropical Design Fundamentals

Passive Tropical Design Fundamentals

Passive Design have 2 basic forms:

1. Passive Cooling – utilizing natural means to reduce heat gain and maximize cooling the building

2. Passive Heating – utilizing natural means to conserve energy and retain heat inside the building

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If you have been searching for the right architect, try us Arch Ian Jay Bantlan 09291209034.

The Last Airbender - Azula and Ty Lee

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Relationship Wisdom from The Last Air bender

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai
While everyone watched Avatar blockbuster by James Cameron back in 2009, google searches show a lot of cartoons with pictures of Aang. . .the Last Air bender.

Down in Season 3 Episode 5, we have less story and fighting and more of the social scene. It’s amusing how they infused some relationship wisdom on their characters. kudos guys.


The Last Airbender - Azula and Ty Lee

The Last Airbender – Azula and Ty Lee

“Those boys only like you because you make it so easy, you dont sound like a challenge. . . .
You’re a tease.”

Tai Lee
“If you want a boy to like you, just look at him and smile a lot and laugh at everything he says, even if its not funny.”

“Well that sounds really shallow and stupid. . .”


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We Will Dare the World – C. T. Studd

We Will Dare the World - C. T. Studd

We Will Dare the World – C. T. Studd

Before the World,
Aye, before the sleepy, lukeward,
faithless, namby – pamby Christian World,
We will dare to trust our God.

We will venture our all for Him,
we will live and we will die for Him.
And we will do it with His Joy Unspeakable
Singing aloud in our hearts.

C. T Studd

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A Mercedes doesnt sell ads to 36year olds. They show ads so that when a 4 year old child grows to 36, he wants to buy a Mercedes

Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

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Abundance of Gratitude

In this season, it is easy to be sensitive to our own needs. It is great to have friends who have thankful hearts. They point you to things that really matter. I know Christmas is warm here in the Philippines, but there are people out there who know that Jesus loves them, and worse, their communities ard plagued by violence & pain. Gratitudes makes space for God’s provision.

Merry Christmas everyone

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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Brothers were born for the Day of Adversity Pro17:17

Wounded Soldiers Protect Each Other

Wounded Soldiers Protect Each Other

A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17

When David went to the cave,

it was dark. :)

Even darker were the people who joined him,

. . . . some were running away from debts, girlfriends, the law, and probably dogs.

But they were inseparable

like IRON fused with CARBON,


P.s. Van, thanks for the chance to lead the VG tonight.

Wounded Comrades protect the fallen

Wounded Comrades protect the fallen

Challenges and Mountains in life

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The Making of a Hero

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

The Making of a Hero

Children Reading Books - not me.

Children Reading Books – not me.

I will admit a personal truth. It may be uncomfortable and awkward to share, but here it is:

“I had trouble starting to read at grade 2.” Ian B.

My difficulties in Reading

My difficulties in Reading

It’s not that I was dull, (now I am making excuses) it’s just that I didn’t stay long enough or thought long enough to completely, normally read. And I was happy there were 2 other guys who were grade 3! (now I am finding others to blame. :) I remember that my mom had to enroll me to a reading class because I was “slow” to learn reading. Continue reading

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New Iloilo City Port transfers to New Location 2014

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

New Iloilo City Port transfers to New Location 2014

Travelling from Iloilo Ferry Terminal in Brgy Obrero, Lapuz

Travelling from Iloilo to Bacolod

Travelling from Iloilo to Bacolod

For many years, if we compare Bacolod’s Port with Iloilo City’s port, you will find the Iloilo’s Terminal wanting. And that is an understatement. The Sea port of Iloilo is so bad, even Caticlan’s Port is significantly better. Of course Caticlan is the gateway to Boracay.

Iloilo Bacolod Ferry Terminal

Iloilo Bacolod Ferry Terminal

But recently this is going to change as Iloilo has opened the Iloilo Ferry Terminal in Barangay Obrero in Lapuz, Iloilo City. The new facility was inaugurated by no less than Senator Franklin Drilon. The new terminal houses passengers plying the route to nearby city of Bacolod. The old terminal hosts seperate areas for Supercat, Weesam and Oceanjet. But these terminals are very much congested due to the huge increase in passengers.

If you need to find an architect or designer to build your house or Building, you can contact Archian Designs Architect Studios in Iloilo City.

New Iloilo Ferry Port Terminal - Supercat, Oceanjet, Weesam

New Iloilo Ferry Port Terminal – Supercat, Oceanjet, Weesam

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Iloilo River Esplanade Landscapes and Lamps

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Urban Public Spaces: Iloilo Jogging and Bike Trails

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Public Urban Spaces: Iloilo Jogging and Bike Trails

Iloilo promotes Biking - Healthy Lifestyle

Iloilo promotes Biking – Healthy Lifestyle

Walking Together

Humans have been walking for thousands of years. Since man started to walk, he has discovered its therapeutic ability to calm one’s emotion, to regulate blood circulation and maintain balance for the body. It is a journey, an activity enjoyed in isolation or in fellowship with friends and family.

As cities grew into urban settlements, the availability of open urban spaces has been threatened by the necessity of commercial activity. The increasing demand for services and goods resulted in the Industrial Revolution. And as earnings and production was the focus, it wiped out the remaining open space in major cities in Europe. As the cities’ greed for more economic prosperity, people’s health and well-being were compromised. Only the rich upper class could afford to have gardens and so the disappearance of the Urban Public Space. With the mass production of cars, people began to walk less and do “office” jobs – managing production.

Iloilo River Esplanade Landscapes and Lamps

Iloilo River Esplanade Landscapes and Lamps

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My experience with Tarantulas

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My Firsthand Experience with the Giant Spider

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

My Firsthand Experience with the Giant Spider

Tarantulas are a spiders under the Theraphosidae family. These large and hairy arachnids are the of horror movies because of their repulsive qualities – dark and hairy. The Tarantulas are a large family of which approximately 900 species are identified.Most species of tarantulas are not dangerous to humans, and some species have become popular in the exotic pet trade.  And that’s how this story started;)

My experience with Tarantulas

My experience with Tarantulas

The Meeting

Meet Tanti, she is 2 years old and is already potty training. After reading a lot about this mysterious spiders, I found out that some have venom enough to cause discomfort for a few days but there is still no report of human deaths resulting from a bite from the Tarantula.

In truth, I haven’t really thought about it during the moment and I guess, this creature looks menacing. One thing I learned in handling spiders is that unless you push or threaten them, they would follow you to the match-box “Posporo”. So I handled the Tarantula delicately and voila. Continue reading

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The Gift of Ramadan: A Second Chance هدية رمضان هو فرصة ثانية لتصل إلى الآب.

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

“The Gift of Ramadan: A Second Chance to reach the Allah”

Ramadan in Middle East نعمة رمضان في الشرق الأوسط

Ramadan in the Middle East نعمة رمضان في الشرق الأوسط

جعل آدم أعظم خطأ. وقال انه قد كسر بوعده. وعصيانه قد دمر تماما له اتصال فقط مع خالقه. وقد وفرت القوانين الجديدة أنه بسبب هذا الخطأ، ونحن يمكن الاتصال عن طريق التضحية

ولكن التضحية هي دفعة مؤقتة. يتم تدمير العلاقة تماما. يمكن طاعة الطريق عن طريق القيام الصلوات والصدقات حياتنا اليومية تساعدنا يشعر نحن ندفع ديوننا. ولكن هذا هو السبب بالذات أن الله يشعر غائبة وبعيدة. لا يمكن أن الذبائح الحيوانية دفع العبء وإزالة الشعور بالذنب من أي رجل. Continue reading

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The Confidence and Freedom of Being a Son

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

I came here on this Tagged Service for different reasons. I came to be refreshed. I came to hear a word.

It’s fascinating to see the strobe lights and the fog machine and how the smoke fills up the room as we worship. We see students from every corner of the city, ready to welcome the presence of God. But the lights and the students is not why I have come.

When your life gets consistently down without hope of changing soon you’re doomed, you wonder when its going to go up. Perhaps I’m plain bored. I’m doing poorly and look for a challenge.

UST Crowd of Students

UST Crowd of Students

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Wild Horse Stallion

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Quest for Love: Christian True Stories 1

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

I can’t sleep again tonight. For all the reasons. . . .

This story is taken from the Book Quest for Love. I will be sharing this story about a Christian Couple that inspired me to trust God and hopefully, you too. If you liked this please share, and thank God I couldn’t sleep tonight. :)

“God Knows How to Tame Wild Stallions”

The Lord will guide you always;
He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.

Isaiah 58:11

Wild Horse Stallion

Wild Horse Stallion

Before Fred Malir became a Christian, he was already engaged – to a Christian. She took him to hear the gospel and his conversion was followed by a call to missionary work. Here was a whole new direction, not one in which his fiancee was prepared to participate. “I don’t want to be the wife of a missionary,” she said, and that was that.

“A civil war began in my heart that lasted six months,” wrote Fred. He lost his joy in the Lord. He felt he could not possibly give up the girl, and the thought of her marrying someone else drove him crazy – but, as he later learned, “God knows how to tame wild Stallions.

Patiently He began to soften Fred’s Heart as he prayed to be made willing to relinquish his beloved. Continue reading

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My First Long Poem: Rites of Passage

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai


Read on the night of February 12,2003
upon passing the Architecture Board Exams

“Behold, children are a gift from the Lord
The fruit of the womb is a reward
Like arrows in the hands of a Warrior
are children born in the prime of one’s youth…”

My dad is a seasoned warrior
He handles skillf ’lly the bow & spear
My mom is a royal mentor
Who handles me with loving care. Continue reading

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From Inkblots to Dark Stained White Art Exhibit 2

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

I remember as a kid drawing eyes on a peice of paper. The eyes are perhaps the most expressive and delicate feature in the human mind’s recognition circuits. Doing anything for positive or negative impact starts with the eyes. And I would try to master them. I researched how Chinese, Nordic, European, Malay and South European (Basically Mediteranean People) would look. I’d love to have the Blue Panda pen create its magic as I to be better and better everyday. It added to perhaps about some 30-50 eyes alone. And that was one page that day, for the whole month it might be hard to count how many.



The Artist near the Burj Al Arab

My goal at the time was not to perfect drawing the eyes but to create a perfect girl on paper. And as m personal legend would put it: find that girl wherever she is. I never just drew eyes, there were the typical stuff, biceps and chest, arms and legs.

Like Voltron. :) I guess that really reveals my age.

It’s been a long way since those days. The tradgedy was, I seldom created something significant. I was always practicing and felt that any work should be perfect from its first line. This explains some of my philosophy behind the title Dark Stained White.

Dark Stained White Part 2 - La Salle Museum

Dark Stained White Part 2 – La Salle Museum

Dark Stained White is a collection of artworks and poetry Continue reading

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The Philippines Lead Asean to Global Economic Growth: It’s a Season

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

     a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
     a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,          Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

A Time for Everything under Heaven

A Time for Everything under Heaven

“There is a time for every season.” First of all, I don’t want to sound anti-nationalist and I don’t want to sound like a business expert. This is just my opinion. There are cycles in life that should be respected. Sowing time, harvest time, waiting time and working time.

The Philippine Economy was certainly on its way up in 2013, the news was rosy and all the money kept pouring in. Continue reading


Toastmasters Speech 4: Satiety by Michael John Casipe

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Toastmasters Speech 4: Satiety

Bacolod – Barangay Chapter, Sugarland Hotel, March 28


I will be featuring a speech by a Toastmaster colleague – Michael John Casipe about living healthy. Hope everyone likes it. Ian B.


Last Sunday, I went to La Salle to attend my brother’s graduation. As a tradition, a baccalaureate mass must be held. Well, I can really compare the atmosphere between the baccalaureate mass and graduation. As I walked into the La Salle coliseum for the mass, I can vividly see the vacant seats, more or less 2/3, in the bleachers. Also, the faces of the students were not as colorful as I expect. Well, I’m talking about their makeup for that. But when graduation comes, I can hardly pass through the entrance. I literally squeezed myself amidst the crowd and, with awe; I can see the coliseum filled with the parents, friends and relatives of the graduates.

After the ceremony, the most awaited event is:


Filipinos Love to Eat!

Filipinos Love to Eat!

It is no mystery that the Continue reading

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Bacolod Conference: Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Franchising

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Bacolod Conference: Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Franchising

A month ago, a message came from a classmate in the Masters of Business Administration from the University of St. La Salle – Bacolod City. I, for one, have come to admire the value of business education in the Philippines. Lots of foreign students go to our schools to study business. Looking at the local environment, Filipino communities are not so enterprising. Many that dominate our market are not native inhabitants (Malays / Negritos) but ethnic Chinese, Fil-Spanish, Indians, Americans, and Koreans from all over Asia. (No offense intended)

How could they not? We are just a loveable race that foreigners can resist. :) Most of these cultures have completely  integrated into Filipino society and are part of the beautiful symphony of cultures in the Philippines.


Enter Business Power Talk Seminar in Business Inn – Bacolod City

Marketing and Business Power Talk Bacolod

Marketing and Business Power Talk Bacolod

As the program opened, dreamers from all over Bacolod filled the seats of Business Inn in Bacolod City. The program was hosted by the Masters of Business Administration of La Salle, a whole diligent and tireless lot. Continue reading

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39 Lessons to be the Man You Want to Be

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

39 Lessons to be the Man You Want to Be

Here’s a repost from my brother Jerry. Thanks. These are some timeless quote might sound simple, but their value is priceless!

The original list, is in the image below, credits to I had to change around some of the quote and putting in some of mine.

I hope this list inspires you to be a better man! :)

1. Go for the Women you Perceive to be “out of your league.” You’ll surpries yourself.

2. Never have sex with anyone that doesn’t want it as much as you.

3. Never hit anyone unless they are an immediate threat.

4. Faint Heart never won fair lady. Now faint mind never won great money!

5. Never take her to the movies on the first date.

6. Nothing looks more badass than a well tailored suit!

7. Always look a person in the eye when you talk to them.

Continue reading


Condominiums: Secrets of the Philippine’s Top Entrepreneurs

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai Following last years List of the Top Entrepreneurs, it would be beneficial to analyze the structure of wealth creation in the Philippines. We can see from Forbe’s list of Billionaires,  that the the Ayalas (Jaime Zobel de Ayala & Family) are strangely not on the list and Henry Sy’s net worth is a few hundred million dollar$ lower this year. :) In the past, it has been the landed and the ruling families that were dominating the market. Today, they still are. But newer players and companies are rising to take their place in Philippine business.

Philippine Entrepreneurs

Philippine Entrepreneurs in 2014

In the 1960s and 70s, the landed families are cashing-in from agriculture, fishing and garments and manufacturing. The earnings came from the working class, whether from sugar in Negros or rice, coconut or tobaco in North and Central Luzon. In 1974, the US closed its market for sugar imports. For the next decade, local produce from developing economies threw a stiff competition of subsidized agricultural imports with Philippines local produce. Continue reading

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Your Promised Land

Your Promised Land

When the 10 spies came back to Joshua from the Promise Land, it took 2 men to carry the clusters of grapes. If that’s how big the grapes are, imagine how big the people living there who are eating it.

Principle: “The bigger the produce you are believing for, the bigger the problem that typically comes in front of it.”

Jim Lafoon

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The Path of Law and Obedience, Of Love and Sacrifice

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

The Path of Law and Obedience, of Love and Sacrifice

Muslims fast because it is required by their law.

That is obedience.

They do it in the month of Ramadan where, for 40 days, they wouldn’t even drink water from sunrise to sunset. Any thing less is sin for them. Yet the law provides equity because some people are exempt: the pregnant, the sick and those below 12 years old. At 12 years old, I am just thinking that this severe discipline will probably leave a mark and a strong impression on the child.


Muslim Prayer and Obedience

Muslim Prayer and Obedience

And no wonder why they will be willing to face certain death for the sake of their faith. They will eat before sunrise and after sunset, where they prepare a feast! Think about the power of millions of people doing this civil obedience. Compare these to the rallies of civil unrest and disobedience in the US. They number in the thousands. They stand for their rights: “human rights”, “labor rights”, lesbian and gay rights, but few will be willing to die for their cause. (Some probably will.)

Jesus came two thousand years ago. He went into fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. Yes, it was in obedience but it was something more: it was also a sacrifice. He was brave and committed, and was willing to face death. Not for obedience but for love.

I am now in my second day since my last meal. What keeps me on is love for God and faith. I am not saying that I am perfect. On the contrary I oftentimes faulter.

When you start thinking about it, you will never sacrifice for someone you don’t know. We always find it hard to to give a little extra for someone we don’t quite know. It’s too uncomfortable, and rightly so. Would you give a tenth of your earning? Would you give up a job? A relationship? A hobby? But those in relationship will find it easy to give up their own money, their time, their sleep, their comfort for pain. A father will wake up late in the evening to change diapers. There is connection, there is love, there is relationship.

That’s Love.

Love Equals Sacrifice

Love Equals Sacrifice

What drives your faith? Law or Love?

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Global Building Typologies: Tropical Vernacular Architecture

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Global Building Typologies: Tropical Vernacular Architecture

Final Presentation: Due Nov 29 (for Friday Meeting) and Dec. 2 (for Monday class)

  • Group yourselves into groups of 5. Again – 5 Only. If your group member was chosen to be the videographer, you will technically work as 4 for this Presentation.
  • Select a Leader who will be assigned a Region.
  • Investigate the different Building Typologies for your selected region of the world.
  • Each class needs a Videographer and Videoeditor. They will be excused from their Group’s Presentation.

0. South and Central America – by the Instructor
1. Central and Southern Africa
2. Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean (Spain, Greece, Italy, etc.)
3. Australia and Oceania (Polynesia, Micronesia including Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand.)
4. Scandinavia (Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden)
5. South and Central Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
6. South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, etc.)
7. Carribean Countries
8. Canada

A. Presentation – Powerpoint Slides or Selected Presentation Tool.

Please create a MINIMUM of 30 Slides. Simplify your text font. (Recommended to use Times Roman, Arial or Calibri).

Everyone should dress nicely for the Presentations. (Only a scene of the whole class will be video’d plus My Introduction Speech – the speech is for each Region / Group).

If you feel you should have more part in the video, request it from the assigned videographers in the class. You can only request for your own video. Please don’t stalk your classmates. I am assuming that all students do not want to be in the video. (But I do. :) )

The video will be posted in my Youtube Channel. Please do not repost this video in your FB wall or public space but you can share this with your classmates through your private FB groups. (Basi magsikat ko – Seriously.)

1. Present the members of your Group (first slide) and your Assigned Region.

2. Highlight a Map of the Area (show in your first slides)

3. Find examples of Native or Vernacular Houses and Architecture

Vernacular architecture = is a category of architecture based on localized needs and construction materials, and reflecting local traditions.
This evolve over time to reflect the environmental, cultural, technological, and historical context in which it exists. While often not thoroughly and academically planned, this kind of architecture played and still plays a major role in the history of architecture and design, especially in local settings.

4. Identify 4-5 unique Building Sub-typologies – either by country or by area in the region. Present their characteristics / elements. Each group member will report on a building typology. It would be great to give examples of both Residential and Community Architecture.

5. Provide Description for each Building Sub-Typology. Do not put the description on the slides but you may read it from your cue. Only titles of the description may be displayed.

B. Written Report.

The Group Written Report will include description and the ‘building elements’ below. No need to print the pictures.

Written Report will be submitted on December 6. Powerpoint must be submitted Nov 29 for Fri and Dec 2 for Mon Class (just give thru usb)

Identify the following elements: (Presentation verbally and file in your written report only. No need to individual slides on all of below)

a. Roof – type and material
b. Walls – type and material
c. Windows and Doors – type,size and material
d. Interior – ceiling height, unusual features
e. Floor Plan – describe the features
f. Landscape, Waterscape, Other Features.

The powerpoint slides will be converted to video format that will be shared in youtube. If you do not want to show your picture as part of the Group Reporters, please remove your Group Picture before giving the Powerpoint to me in USB.

Guys, this will be our only major activity before the prelims. Sadyahon ta ni!

If you have questions , please ask your President and Secretary to ask me, immediately. We meet once a week. Our next meeting will be reporting already.

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Architecture Steel Design of Diagrid Structures

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Architecture Steel Design of Diagrid Structures:

Systems, Connections, Details

The word “Diagrid” is a blending of the words “diagonal” and “grid” and refers to a structural system that is single thickness in nature and gains its structural integrity through the use of triangulation. Diagrid systems can be planar, crystalline or take on multiple curvatures. Diagrid structures often use crystalline forms or curvature to increase their stiffness. This differentiates a diagrid from any of the three dimensional trangulated systems such as space frames, space trusses or deodesic structures, although it will be shown that some of the developments of diagrid structures have been derived from the details of these 3D Systems.

In this slideshow, Architect Terri Boake discusses the use and advantages of diagonal grids in high rise structures..

Terry Boake is currently a Professor at University of Waterloo, in Saskatoon, Canada.

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I Now Stand Here

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

I Now Stand Here
by Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

Three years into this goal, feeling battered is an understatement.

Written August 31, 2013 after HRM MBA Class. 

I now stand here in this wide field in the University where I have grown, studied and learned when I was a kid. Where I gaze, used to be endless fields of grass fenced by Eucalyptus, Pines and the eternal sky. Now I see fields of green disciplined by constant mowing for the purpose of Sports. This is a game of strength and will of which no other use of body but head and foot. In this Grandstand, I have witnessed formidable teams and mythic clubs who battled for supremacy in this arena.
Continue reading

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Strategies in Selecting Marketing Media

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Strategies in Selecting Marketing Media

Find oppurtunities for your Product Service

Find oppurtunities for your Product Service

Considering the creativity and freedom of any Marketing Professional, his weapons can be endless. A marketing specialist can create a dynamite marketing plan or a brilliante creative strategy but there are a lot of places you can go wrong. One of these is to run the right advertising in the wrong media. And how do you tell the right media from the wrong one?

Here are the different Marketing Media and their Comparative Strengths.

Radio Marketing Media

Radio Marketing Media

1. Radio.
Radio is the most intimate of the media, which allows you to spend time in one-on-one situations with your audience. Sometimes your audience can be in the offices with thier friends or they’ll be alone in their cars or homes, alone. Continue reading

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The Perfection Myth – An Introspective Look at Passionate Obsessions

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

The Perfection Myth – An Introspective Look at Passionate Obsessions

Arch. Ian Jay Bantilan

Movements of Ideas in a Creative Mind

Movements of Ideas in a Creative Mind

I want to share what happened to me yesterday.

“I was getting ready for a client meeting yesterday, so I took a bath, and chose my clothes. I passed by a book I wanted to take, “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” by John Ortberg, got it, and went back to choosing my wardrobe. I went out of my room and gathered my Laptop and things I would need for the meeting.  Without my knowledge, my mom came in to my room and placed in some clothes in my closet, thereby covering the book I was to bring. This is in case my client would be late for the meeting, which I thought would be a nice read . . .”

“And so began the longest, most desperate, very frantic, highly hysterical, feverishly frenzied Book Hunting episode you will ever see in the 21st Century. That may be an overstatement, but the fact remains: it was frantic, it was hysterical, it was as passionate as the expedition to find the North Pole!” Continue reading

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Manila at 4th, Bacolod City back at 94th of Top 100 Outsourcing Cities in 2013

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Manila at 4th, Bacolod City back at 94th of Top 100 Outsourcing Cities in 2013

IT Hub for Outsourcing in Bacolod City

IT Hub for Outsourcing in Bacolod City

After a long hiatus in 2011 and 2012, Bacolod City comes back to the prestigious list of the List of the Top 100 Outsourcing Cities in the World for 2013.

At the Top of the list are the two greatest Information Technology Cities in India, – Bangalore and Mumbai. Their strong competitive advantage is having English as their second language. This is followed by our beloved Manila, in 3rd place – one notch higher than before. What is interesting in the list is that it is dominated by India followed by China. Continue reading

Entrepreneur - Shoe Bootstrap a business


The Bootsrapping Guide to Jumpstarting your Business

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

The Bootsrapping Guide to Jumpstarting your Business

In a culture dominated by spending and keeping up with the Joneses, finding a band of penny-pinching entrepreneurs is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead, what you would find are savvy bargain hunters – professionally skilled and trained in making a shopping purchase like it was an Olympic challenge. Because of this, our communities have seen a growing Chinese Merchant community that has been integral in our development as a nation. In recent years, a growing number of Indians are migrating here because of a stronger consumer market. Ask my neighbor. :)

Entrepreneur - Shoe Bootstrap a business

Entrepreneur – Shoe Bootstrap a business

Finding a level headed entrepreneur is a treasure. But once you find one, Continue reading

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History of Architecture – Egyptian Architecture

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

History – Egyptian Arhitecture

History of Architecture 1 – University of San Agustin, Philippines


30 DYNASTIES – started from 3rd Millennium  B.C. to Roman  Period. Egypt was part  of Persian Empire for 2  Centuries, before the invasion of “ALEXANDER the Great “.

          Development  of two types of tombs

            a.) Mastaba   b.) Pyramid


             Important Personalities

    1. MENTUHETEP II – developed the 3rdtype of tomb “Rock–cut Tomb”.
    2. SENUSRETS          – erected  the  earliest known  “Obelisk”  @  Heliopolis
    3. AMENEMHAT  I  –  founded “Great  Temple  of  Ammon  Kharnak”  Grandest of  all  temples                
Important  Personalities
  1. THOTMES  1– began the additions to the Temple of AMMON, Kharnak.
  2. HATSHEPSUT – queen of Egypt, famous for her funerary temple @ Mt.Der-El-Bahari.
  3. THOTMES 1V –the one responsible for the cleaning away of  sand  fr.  the “Sphinx”
  4. AMENOPHIS III – erected  the “Colossi of Memnon”,one of the wonders of the world.
  5. RAMESES I – began the construction of the “Great Hypostyle Hall”, @   Kharnak
  6. RAMESES II – finished  the  construction  of  the  “Hypostyle Hall”,  &  erection  of the “Rock Temple @ ABU- SIMBEL ”, and  the   “Remission”,Thebes.

Important Personalities

  1. PTOLEMY II – built the Pharaohs or the “Light House” .   
  2. PTOLEMY III – founded the “Greatest Serapeum”  at Alexandria.


  • MONARCHY –  form of government
  • PHARAOH –  King of Egypt, ruler , highest priest in Egypt
  • SON OF PHARAOH – normal successor to the throne
  • VIZIER –  King’s most powerful official
  • CHANCELOR-  he  controls  the royal treasuries, granaries ,& supervises  the census
  • CHIEF STEWARD-   in charge of the King’s personal estate & household.
  1. NOBLE FAMILIES-royal  throne  with  his family
  4. SLAVES-lowest form






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Protected: USA Arki 2015 – TOA1B Mon530

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Protected: USA Arki 2015 – HOA1

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Architecture Theory of Color 1

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Architecture Theory of Color 1

One of the basic properties of most objects is color. It is the visual perceptual property by humans as a phenomenon of light being received by the object. Man has identified each category as red, blue, yellow. Categories and physical specifications of color are associated with objects or materials based on their physical properties such as light absorption, reflection, or emission spectra.

Color has three properties:


VALUE refers to the lightness or darkness of hue.

INTENSITY refers to the purity of the hue (also called “chroma”).

A HUE is a pure pigment and the basic quality that distinguishes one “color” from another.

  1. Tints are hues that have white added
  2. Shades are hues that have black added
  3. Pastels are hues that have black and white added and can vary from very light to very dark
  4. The addition of white to black will create a “gray-scale” from barely gray to almost black.

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History of Architecture 1 – Ancient Near East

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

History of Architecture 1 – Ancient Near East

History of Architecture 1 – University of San Agustin, Philippines


  1. Massiveness
  2. Monumentality
  3. Grandeur



 ZIGGURATS or “Holy Mountains”– chief bldg. structure , square or rectangle in plan  w/ steeply  battered  sides  &  an  open  flatform  on  top containing the “Fire Altar “.


  • Archaic ziggurat – usally  have one  flat  top  rectangular mound carrying the  upper temple.     e.g White Temple at Warka
  • Two or more stages Ziggurat –rectangular in plan, design w/ several  tiers or stages.  

e.g  The ziggurat, Nimrod, Tower of Babel  Ziggurat  at  Bursippa, seven stage  pyramid   dedicated  to  seven  heavenly planets.  

c.) Seven stages square base ziggurat

e.g   Palace of Nebuchadnezzar, it has the “ Hanging Garden of Babylon”.            
  CITY OF BABYLON – with towers & 100 Bronze Gates.
       PALACE OF SARGON, KHORBAD – entrance  portals  flanked  with status of  headed 
 winged   bulls  &  lions.  It  contains 700 rooms.


  1. SERAGLIO – palace  proper  w/c includes  the kings residence , men’s  apartment  & reception  courts.
  2. HAREM – usually  designed  w/ a private  family  apartments  or  women’s quarter.
  3. KHAN – or service  chambers , Khan  is  a Moslem “ inn”, for  travelers  prototype

PALACE FLATFORM  PERSOPOLIS – occupies  1500  and  1000 ft.  & is elevated  40 ft.
  It contains  the  following:
a.)  Palace  of  Darius  c.) Hypostyle  Hall  of  Xerxes 
b.)  Palace  of  Xerxes d.) Halls  of  Hundreds columns
     e ). Propylaea – entrance  to  hall  design  by  Xerxes

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