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Masskara Festival 2016: Parties and Celebrations in Bacolod City

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Masskara Festival 2016: Parties and Celebrations in Bacolod City

As the Celebrations in Bacolod City go to the dizzying beat, don’t forget to grab your schedule of activities. Check your itinerary and mark it out before you miss it. Welcome to Bacolod City.



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State of the WordPress Bloggers Address March 2013

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

State of the WordPress Bloggers Address March 2013

It has been 3 years since I started this blog and lots of tears and sweat has fallen, countless nights of watching statistics and analyzing data and statistics. All of these have been our bread and butter; – constantly tweaking our machine to give the best results for our few posts and articles. Welcome to, this is the home to the best bloggers all over the world! That includes you (if you blog here.) Blogs Logo 2013 Blogs Logo 2013

Every month, about 287 million people reading about 2.5 billion pages in blogs. This blog, is my personal blog. isn’t just available in English, it empowers bloggers to write in their own language – all 120 different languages. But English is the native language of two-thirds of all written articles. Trailing English are Spanish and Portuguese sites.

WordPress is the top choice for bloggers, this includes non-English bloggers. The articles are written in more than 120 languages. Here is a breakdown of the top 10 languages:

1st English 66%
2nd Spanish 8.7%
3rd Portuguese 6.5%
4th Indonesian 3.5%
5th Italian 2%
6th German 1.8%
7th French 1.4%
8th Russian 1.1%
9th Vietnamese 1.1%
10th Swedish 1.0%

Below is my screencapture (Archian here) of Alexa Statistics in March 27, 2013. It shows the World Statistics of in different countries. My anaylysis brings me to the question: if English is the main language of wordpress users, why doesn’t wordpress come up as the top websites in the Top English Speaking countries?

Wordpress Statistics March 2013

WordPress Statistics March 2013

From the graph above, it shows that Romania and Indonesia are countries with the highest rating for wordpress. More percentage of the population use than any other nation on earth. This is followed by the Philippines in third and India at fourth.

You may find it interesting to find that is ranked at 20th in the UK, 21st in Canada, Australia in 22nd and 27th in the US. One way I could explain this is the distributed focus of those countries. Their advanced economies are driven to more important concerns while the third world economies, the Philippines and India are getting the article making, blogging and research to drive traffic and earnings for those companies.

It is also noteworthy to see that Romanian’s population blog more than any other population. They may also be doing the blogging more directly than than their European, American and Australian counterparts. I am surprised to learn that Indonesia spend more time in wordpress than the Philippines, knowing the Filipino’s love of books and learning.

Wordpress Blogging Software 2013

WordPress Blogging Software 2013

One thing to understand is that each country is segregated, not by the number of bloggers from that country but the percentage of active bloggers in in comparison to other countries. This means that for India’s 11th standing for wordpress as the most utilized website, could have millions of bloggers knowing their 1.2 Billion population. And if we take out the Filipino Bloggers from the 65% English bloggers, could they “outblog” the 3.5% Indonesian bloggers? Just thinking. . .

How about you? How do you read the above statistics?


Bacolod City Masskara Festival Queen 2012

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

Bacolod City Masskara Festival Queen 2012

The Search for the prestige to represent Bacolod’s finest and most beautiful is on.

The MassKara Queen finalists are Tiziani Ybañez, Daphne Molenaar, Samyah Al-Dossary, Ena Velasco, Rachel Malunes, Kris Gicaro, Mara Delaminez, Kaye Dumancas, Danielle Villaflor, and Dominique Abayon.

Masskara Queen, Bacolod City 2012 ContestantsMasskara Queen , Bacolod City 2012 Contestants

Masskara Queen, Bacolod City 2012 Contestants

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PH Domain Blogs. The Philippine Extension

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

PH Domain Blogs. The Philippine Extension

PH Domain. The official domain extension of the Republic of the Philippines. Monopolized by Domain dot Pee-Eitch.

As part of my research and sleepless data gathering, I have been tasked to launch a dot-ph or .PH Domain. The site is currently under coding and construction by yours trully and part of the work is learning about ph Domains.

Dot PH The Philippine Domain Registry

Dot PH The Philippine Domain Registry

What you Need to Know about Dot Pee-Eich (.PH) Domains.
If you still don’t know, dot-ph is one of the most expensive domains, costing $35 a Year or roughly PhP1505. Compare that to Dot-Com (.com’s) which cost about PhP175. For PhP175 Pesos, you get the Continue reading

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The Top 100PH Domain Websites for 2012!

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & Dubai

PH Domain Blogs. The Philippine ExtensioThere are important qualities in choosing a Domain. For People in S.E.O. gods fill in the next blanks ______, ______, ______ and ______. But for common people, these are few basic tools we can use.

First is the SEO Toolbar, that we can install into our browser, whether on Firefox or Google Chrome. The Toolbar shows our Google Pagerank, number of pages in our site, and the number of links to our site, which works as a voting system by other websties. The more links to your site, the more handsome your site becomes to Google and the Rankings.

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