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Asking the Universe for What you Want: Box Method Part 02

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Which Journey do you Want Sir? Willpower or Positive Intentions

Asking the Universe for What you Want Part 02

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Manifesting Someones dream is tricky. There is the control and planning way and the other is through positive intentions. I believe manifesting requires both.

This article is continues the previous video on why pushing too hard for what we want creates resistance in other people. “That guy is a jerk, I would have given it to him if he only asked.”

So not being desperate is one to the steps in getting your dreams. There is a synergy when people are happy to give you what you want versus needing to blackmail, bully and force them to give it.

There is no recipe for dream manifesting, but knowing how to ask is one of the best ways how.

Asking is not easy. You have to ask the right way. Here is that recipe.

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