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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiIt is enticing to find yourself into Money-Earning Internet Ventures. From my advanced readings and podcasts that I listen, the Internet Earning Schemes gained momentum in 2004 but can be traced back to 2001 after the dot-com bubble, (you can read about this and globalization from The World is Flat)

These started after people learned about Blogging and the natural result of gaining supremacy over a topic when you write interesting, timely and magnetic content to readers. The next step would be to subscribe to Google’s Pay-per-click, where Google rents a space on your blog and does not pay. What Google pays for is people who click on those adds or whatever the arrangement like PPC, CPM etc. There are other advertising platforms like adbrite, AOL, MSN and Doubleclick which is also owned by Google.

The story for most of these guys, who were just doing blogging as a hobby and for many structural reasons started recognizing the significance of their constantly increasing readership. Other readers have even suggested to sell the material that they put out in the Web for free. That’s where the Ebook craze came to. Everybody started created ebooks to assist people who wanted a faster, instant, albeit a bit expensive way to in-demand information

Companies and Businesses then recognized that these Internet freaks, weirdos and geniuses were not going away. They are the New Superpower! Considering that everything in the real world, whether in Los Angeles or in Bacolod City, nothing is free. The paradox is the Web is giving away cheaper information and better, it is free. The downside is, you get lost in all these offerings, some by scrupulous individuals offering misleading or erroneous information which you have to filter, review and evaluate for their value.

Avatar Movie and Internet Parallel

Avatar Movie and Internet Parallel

The previous technologies helped the world come to Globalization 3.0, where you don’t just live part time online but live, play, work and Earn totally from the internet. I am reminded of the anti-human 3D movie Avatar where the main character lived on the Real World until he got sucked up into the Alien World. Previously people worked on Physical jobs. Now, working online is not just possible, it is here.

We are on the Second Stretch of this Revolution, where the Internet is King. The War is not for physical companies and brute force but for Intellectual Supremacy where you could play your Avatar in a new series of Campaigns.

This is the Fight. Welcome to the New War.


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I am a Search Engine Optimization Professional from Bacolod City with a Knack for finding our way to the top of the Search Engines.

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