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3 Phases of an E-Marketing Plan

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In Starting an E-Commerce Website you will need an E-Marketing Plan. Now, there are Three Phases to an E-Marketing Plan:

Innovation, Validation and Launch.


Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

1. Business Case

Comprehensive Cost Benefit AnalysisReturn on Investment – Establish an Agreement on measureable objectives with multi-state strategies

2. Knowledge Audit

Documenting the for access and storage of captial and leverage it across the enterprise

3. Customer Care Audit

Providing a framework for your customer service offering as well as a detailed analysis of your current constituent inventory and attitudes.

4. Enterprise Architecture Audit

Ascertain future requirements through analysis of your embedded technological infrastructure.

5. Brand Audit

Measuring your brand’s distinctiveness and how it is perceived by your target market and how it corresponds with your overall corporate objectives.

6. Channels Audit

Identify channels that increase mind and market share to make sure that your Electronic Enterprise is marketed in the most effective manner.

7. Competitive Analysis

It is rating your existing websites and those of your competitors for ease of Navigation, Design Use of appropriate Technology, Community Building and other areas affecting the User Experience.

8. Digital Brand Positioning Strategy

Using of Competitive Category Analysis and Consumer Research to find the best Digital Postioning for your Name. Brand and Logo Position for your Brand.


Automatic Validation

Automatic Validation

1. Creative Concepts.

Combining compelling design with intuitive navigation systems to offer a choice of directions to your users.

2. Digital Channels Strategy

Strategic Disagregation of the Value Chain, enabling your company to boost your brand heightening products brochure to produce revenue.

3. Systems Architecture

Establishing Guidelines to ensure the use of Correct, Open technologies to realize the Business Impact of Strategic Internet Development.

4. Digital Prototyping

The Demonstration of a Product or Service including Features and functionality. This increases Success rates and creates proper phasing and momentum for the Enterprise.

5. Usability Testing

It is presenting the Solution to a Sample of your Target Market and Documenting their Response to the interface in the Context of Over-All Business Strategy

6. Software Evaluation Workshop

Permits you to bypass a previous process for best of electronic commerce vendors and reach informed software decisions in less time (which may be in two weeks)


Web Launch

Web Launch

1. Developmental Implementation Plan

Providing a Prioritized Cost-justified Framework for establishing business, user and functionality requirements

2. Enterprise Design Development

Defining Requirements for creating an Electronic enterprise.

Determines the Scope of interactive solutions to be applied to current and prospective business operations.

3. Custom Software Development

Creation of Custom Commerce Solutions built on partnership with key-commerce, knowledge management and relationship management software

4. Custom Commerce Solutions

Implementing robust custom commerce solutions based on partnership with key commerce leaders. This encompasses site development, operations, inventory management, warehousing, fulfillment and secure online transactions.

5. Enterprise Software Implementation

Partnering with the best of software companies to deliver custom electronic commerce digital marketing and enterprise management software solutions

6. Systems Integration

Integration of Back-end live and legacy database to extend the functionality of interactive products and services and to provide customers with greater access and required purchasing information.

7. Media Plan

Analysis and Recommendations on your target market, placement distribution and Tracking

8. Media Placement and Tracking

Precisely place and schedule print and online media campaigns to reach your market, enhance your brand image and make sales.

Measure the success of each ad and media buy


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