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Fasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? Part 3

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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiFasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? (3rd and Final of 3 Parts)

I am speaking tonight a Prophetic Word for some people in this room. “You have a desire to serve God and when you’re around the fire you are very very hot. But when you go to the market place, you got areas of your life that you have some weaknesses. Now if you don’t learn how to add fasting as the disciplines in your life.

You’ll fall into sin. Your wife will leave you. There will be an adulterous situation that will take place.

“Every person take heed lest they fall.”

Fasting and the Word

Fasting and the Word

There is an empowerment that comes when people Fast that doesn’t come in any other way. Fasting doesn’t take the place of reading the Bible. But the word of God take the place of Fasting. There is the Power of the Holy Ghost! But if you don’t give, I don’t care how much you Speak in Tongues. So the Holy Ghost doesn’t take the place of giving, and fasting either.

Jesus was fasting for 40 Days and this is what happened. “Then Jesus came back with the Power of the Holy Ghost. There is a different between “full” of the Holy Ghost and the “Power of the Holy Ghost”

Now, the Bible tells us to desire Spiritual Gifts. Just you would covet a Ferrari! There are wrong things we can covet, this is sin. But when it comes to the Power of God, to cast out devils, to walk on water, to raise the Dead, we are to lust at it! We are to desire it!

How do you covet the gifts of God? How did Jesus covet?

He fasted.

And when He fasted, God imparted to Him the Gifts of the Holy Ghost.

It’s time.

fasting and growth

fasting and growth

This message is a transcript of an Audio from the Maurice Cerullo, School of Prayer and Intercession. Read the first part.

To listen to the Bob Rogers Podcast:


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