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Fasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? Part 2

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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiFasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? (2nd of 3 Parts)

Bob Rogers told this story. “I used to be a wrestler. I learned about wrestling because I lived in the worst part of town. So I wrestled in a 95-pound-weight class. Then next year, I wrested at the 103 pound weight class, the next year I moved to 112 and the next year I have one state in a University in a 139 pound weight class. I went on and on and tried out for the Olympic Team. Then one year, as I was training I changed to 154-weight class. I gained some weight to make it to that weight.”

Wrestling in the 400 Pound Class

Wrestling in the 400 Pound Class

In that level, there were guys that weight at 175 pounds and they pulled down and competed on 154 pounds. It was a lot tougher at 154 so the next year I lost weight and went back to 139 pounds.

Well Jesus said “this kind” doesn’t come out but through Prayer and Fasting. If Jesus said “this kind”, there must be a “that” kind. When you got saved, the revelation came to you and you said “boo” and the devil took of running. You were fighting on the 96 pound weight class and the 95 pound devils just can’t stand your “boos”.

But those days are passed. Some of you are Christians for many years. Some of you have gone to the middle weight class. Some of you are fighting in the middle heavyweight Class. Some of you are believing God that you could take a City for God. Those demons that control a City are definitely not the 90 pound weight class.

Bob Roger’s told a story one time he was in a parking lot of a near an abortion rally. He saw a vision of 2 demons as tall as a 5-Storey Building. It’s head was big with vicious teeth. “And I said to the Lord, this must be the Strong Man of Louiseville!” Then the Lord said, “The Strong Man of Louiseville is as tall as the highest building in this Town. . . . .But I have many Angels that are bugger than him.

You know what else is amazing? Inside our Body, our Spirit begins to develop and it begins to develop spiritual muscles.

Have you seen a small box in a circle, where a clown gets out and another and another one. Then you ask how did all those clowns fit in there?

That’s what happens in a man’s spirit. When you start unfolding in this flesh and you start standing erect, you stand taller that the highest building in the city. But when you start taking on that Class, you better start adding fasting to your life.

Release the Power of the Holy Spirit

Release the Power of the Holy Spirit

We see men of God with all the talents and natural abilities but they have character flaws. Then they get into temptation and they fall into sin.

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This message is a transcript of an Audio from the Maurice Cerullo, School of Prayer and Intercession. Read the first part.

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