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Architecture Steel Design of Diagrid Structures

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Architecture Steel Design of Diagrid Structures:

Systems, Connections, Details

The word “Diagrid” is a blending of the words “diagonal” and “grid” and refers to a structural system that is single thickness in nature and gains its structural integrity through the use of triangulation. Diagrid systems can be planar, crystalline or take on multiple curvatures. Diagrid structures often use crystalline forms or curvature to increase their stiffness. This differentiates a diagrid from any of the three dimensional trangulated systems such as space frames, space trusses or deodesic structures, although it will be shown that some of the developments of diagrid structures have been derived from the details of these 3D Systems.

In this slideshow, Architect Terri Boake discusses the use and advantages of diagonal grids in high rise structures..

Terry Boake is currently a Professor at University of Waterloo, in Saskatoon, Canada.


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