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Bacolod Conference: Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Franchising

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Bacolod Conference: Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Franchising

A month ago, a message came from a classmate in the Masters of Business Administration from the University of St. La Salle – Bacolod City. I, for one, have come to admire the value of business education in the Philippines. Lots of foreign students go to our schools to study business. Looking at the local environment, Filipino communities are not so enterprising. Many that dominate our market are not native inhabitants (Malays / Negritos) but ethnic Chinese, Fil-Spanish, Indians, Americans, and Koreans from all over Asia. (No offense intended)

How could they not? We are just a loveable race that foreigners can resist. 🙂 Most of these cultures have completely  integrated into Filipino society and are part of the beautiful symphony of cultures in the Philippines.


Enter Business Power Talk Seminar in Business Inn – Bacolod City

Marketing and Business Power Talk Bacolod

Marketing and Business Power Talk Bacolod

As the program opened, dreamers from all over Bacolod filled the seats of Business Inn in Bacolod City. The program was hosted by the Masters of Business Administration of La Salle, a whole diligent and tireless lot.




Ms. Rascon who hails from neighboring island Panay, is the Provincial Director of Negros Occidental of DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).

As a primer for business environment in Negros Occidental, we got a pep talk on why Bacolod and Negros Occidental is a good target for investment. I believe that there is a certain charm for business to set up in the province. Take it from a resident who was away for 5 years. When I came back, I saw a significant number of foreigners socializing in the metro. French, Spanish, Americans and the usual Koreans fill in our cafes and bars. If you are one of them, and are starting an online company, please get in touch with me. 🙂 through this link contact.



Chiqui Escareal-Go is the President and CEO of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., an advocacy-based marketing, sales, innovation and strategy training and consultancy company.

As an enthusiast for Marketing, my first response to marketing talks is to get skeptical with all kinds of talks: inspirational, leadership and marketing. But today, I can say I would get my money’s worth.

Dr. Go talked about the clear directives in Marketing. She provided specific examples to the 7 Principles of Effective Marketing and applying the  Blue Ocean Strategy which I will write in my next post. From a simple sari sari store example, she provided great insight in knowing your customers and consumers.



Our third speaker, Mr Paulo Tibig is a successful businessman in logistics. /I used to see logistics as a cargo port moving things and trailers. His company inspired me to think differently. Logistics in his case meant that instead of providing average marketing in billboards, he uses mobile advertising and the small unique services to provide information about your business strategy to the community. In this case, I would still prefer a reading of the Guerilla Marketing Book by Jay Conrad Levinson. Ideas are more “fresher” at the source. 😉



The last speaker:  Mr. Euclid Cesar teaches Franchising. He also speaks on Guerilla Marketing, Food Safety Assurance System (FSAS) and Cleaner Production. He convincingly shared about the topic of Identifying the Pros and Cons of Franchising. Last, he developed the philosophy in identifying the flowchart to finally deciding on a product’s franchise.


Business Inn Bacolod City

Business Inn Bacolod City


The seminar delivered more than it promised (above average). I believe that those who came to the seminar who had specific considerations on franchising gained a lot while those who work in the marketing field will also benefit.

As the dreamers of Bacolod depart, they take their treasures,

Ideas of seed and insight.

Ideas that will sow the Giant Redwoods of tomorrow’s Bacolod City


Tonight, the city view would assist the sun retiring on the horizon. For some, the hold on to real seeds, for others they take home ids and certificates. Only fate will decide the size of those dreams.


To come: My Thoughts on Dr. Chiqui Go’s  7 Principles of Effective Marketing.

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