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UFC 235 Jones vs Smith: Notes from the Battle

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A few years back, I used to have a fixed mindset. Mindset is a term used by Carol Dweck to describe a belief system. You either have a Fixed belief believing your abilities is fixed and you cant change them or growth where you can change the situation you are in.

They key to mindset is believing that you are already good or already bad and you cannot change. This is the Fixed Mindset.

I had this thing about feeling pity for losers all the time. Now I know why I do. Before, I had a belief that “I am already an expert or not”. It was a limiting belief. When Pacquiao or any fighter lost, it defined me.

Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiUFC 235 Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith: Notes from the Battle

Winning means the Philippines was a country of winners. Similarly losing meant that the Philiplines was a country oflosers. I learned that I was afraid to lose because loss meant I was a failure.

Fast forward to 2019. I have learned that wins or loses don’t define me. I keep seeking what I want: the future wife, construction projects, mastery in architecture, stocks, gym/ body discipline. God places these desire in my heart. I just keep focusing on what I want. When I watch ganes or fights I dont take sides, I’m continually asking “Holy Spirit what are you teaching me”.The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship are mixed martial arts fight aired on ESPN. These are fights with boxing, kicks, grappling, wrestling and jiu jitsu. I am not a regular watcher but I download the fight that pique my attention.

After watching the Ultimate Fighting Championships 235, I can’t help but feel my emotions tingling. And I get goosebumps when I look at the fighter’s positions like chess as each fighter take their move into a final decision of triumph or loss.

In short order, these are the lessons I have learned watching UFC 235.

  1. During a clinch, the enemy can hold my hand through lies so I can’t strike back.
  2. The enemy can kick leg to stop my advance.
  3. The goal of the enemy is to diarupt my balance so Iget focused on them instead of my goal.
  4. When the enemy imposes their identity on me, I lose. When I magnify my sin and what is negative I weaken my energy.
  5. When the enemy hits with creative strikes and pain, I get immobilized this is normal. When I stop focussing on the pain I can counterpunch/kick with a more powerful impact than when the enemy isn’t attacking.
  6. It’s when the enemy is attacking that he is actually more vulnerable because he is overextended. It is also the time of more fear of sustaining damages.
  7. When I see God thru my pain, I manifest courage to rise up and creative strikes rise from our identity.
  8. The enemy might give you a chance to ease out on a False Win (Jones gave an illegal strike) but we wont stop fightinguntil he is completely defeated. Jesus won by unanimous decision on the cross and we should seek wins released only by the Father. Many times God gives easy wins but other times when the enemy offers wins, we ought to refuse.
  9. After the fight, Jones had a lot of good things for Smith though he lost. The enemy has incredible respect for me including things he senses about me including identities heaven has not released yet.
  10. When you dont win the title from the enemy, you just go home and improve because you were meant to be a champion.

Im not saying Smith is good and Jones is bad, I am just getting things I can apply in my life. I hope you can learn from it to. ☺


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