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A Retrospect: Victory Bacolod Ushering Team trip to Guimaras 2017

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Victory Bacolod 5pm Ushering Team trip to Guimaras 2013

Victory Ushers Bacolod Raymen Guimaras (10)
Victory Ushers Bacolod Raymen Guimaras

It’s been 2 years now since I last went out. The world has definitely changed! Half the third world also grown a new baby in the family because everyone stays at home in the pandemic. I dream of older times. Times when we ventured out.

I am just glad to head out with this fun folks to the end of the world!

We had to assemble early in Bacolod BREDCO Port at 5:30 in tthe morning to do our morning devoltion. We also bright some breach and wine to do our Communion. We also baptist our 3 young disciples in the miracle waters of Bacolod Black Sea. Then our boat arrived at 9am. Just perfect!

Because we came from the Tabon Cave in ancient times. We have neever visited a mall. Therefore our first stopover was SM City Iloilo. We were amazed to see a big castle of glass and so many people. We went to the foodcourt to order our first bottled water. Kidding aside, I took our team to just hang out.

Our second stopover is in an Iloilo linear park called Iloilo Esplanade. At the Molo entrance is the iconic I love Iloilo Sign.

We arrived on route through a tri-tire adventure roadster called a tri-sikol. This awesome compact trasnport technology works like space travel but in slow motion. It also provides powerful thrust boosters which gives you a powerful dusty ride. yeah!

Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras is in Barangay Igang. Its one of the best west sand beaches in the edge of the four corners of the earth, cheaper than Bali, Maldives or Seychelles.

A little splash, a little swim, alittle strolling, a little coffee by the side. Oh, life’s moments!

This morning these ladies woke up to coffee and breakfast with eggs. It was the longest morning as we played games and swam. Thank God for the gift of nature.

Times may have changed, but please take time to remember the best of your past. The friends you had and the memories you shared. Take care, keep safe.


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