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Singapore: The Serangoon Neighborhood

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Singapore: The Serangoon Neighborhood

One big advantage if you stay on bed and breakfast is that you taste a different flavor of the city. While hotels and lodges will always give you the 3-5 star experience, if indeed it is available on the city, there is a certain charm waking up to a home right in the city. You could wake up on a real house, with furniture , sometimes with little children. You could feel the real thing – how it would be to live in the city.

Thanks to our hosts in Lorong Gambir, Serangoon – we just had that for a fraction of the price. It also beats living with relatives, while that would be the costless alternative.

Welcome to – the Modern Asian City!

3 Serangoon Community where we stayed (11)When we first arrived at the BNB, it was 4am. It was expected that a lot of calls are needed to wake the now slumbering hosts. When dawn broke the next day, I was delighted to get my tropical sunshine morning greeted by my hosts. Over biscuits and coffee, I took some books (the guy who owns the house has everything from Art, Graphics (his job), management, marketing and leadership – very well read guy!

Modern Neighbor beside our hosts, of Serangoon

Modern Neighbor beside our hosts, of Serangoon

It is amazing to see that such an old neighborhood could have total renewal. From the curbs and road marks on the streets, you could tell, the road was there 30 years ago. There are houses built when Singapore was still taking cues on architecture design from the Philippines. But side by side with the crude, arab-muslim designs and classical colonial houses are these magnificent modern minimalist houses that are unmistakeably from recent. The house below is our next neighbor.

3 Serangoon Community where we stayed (6)I couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that for a small lot, every little peice was maximized. Even the owners have space for hanged greens and palms all over the small perimeter. It is true they say in life that it is not important what you were given but what you DO with what you HAVE!

3 Scanning Neighborhood of Serangoon (32)So we dash of to the nearest station. Will it be the Serangoon Station or the Bartley Station.

On our way to NEX Mall which you can read on my previous post, I have to say that all the streets are clean, well planned (the streets are well spaced and used, and everyone followed traffic lights. Even Bethel Presbyterian Church was well planned!

There is another secret to the beauty of Singapore – Tropical Landscape. While Northern European Plazas are empty, the greens of our tropical climate are the most vivid, whether in flowering bloom or at any season for that matter. If we just had space for plazas and community parks, the Philippines would no wonder be the prettiest of all modern cities!

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