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Singapore: Leaving for Batam, Indonesia

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Singapore: Leaving for Batam, Indonesia

Staying in a country no matter how delightful leaves one gasping for $$$$. My theory is the more enjoyable the journey the more expensive it becomes. Only time will tell, how enjoyable you became. For every day of stay, is dollars! dollars!

We had to go to our next adventure: Batam, Indonesia.

On a sidenote, Singapore as a city is the way it is because of its laws. They have very green roofdecks and very few hanging laundry on major streets. In our urban commercial streets, our roofs are filled with hanging lingeries.

Singapore's Green Roof Buildings

Singapore’s Green Roof Buildings

Roma Pizza Italiano

Roma Pizza Italiano

Roma Pizza Alimentari

Roma Pizza Alimentari

Always travel light. And don’t forget your pizza. 😀

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