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David: Courage to be Yourself

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Courage to be Yourself

David and the Slingshot


Iron Man - David vs Goliath

Iron Man – David vs Goliath

David came to a crossroads. He had a choice to make. And it was a choice that would determine his destiny. He could go into battle as Saul – wear Saul’s armor, wield Saul’s sword, hold Saul’s shield. Or he could go into battle as himself – a shepherd with a slingshot.

David knew he was deadly with a slingshot while he could even injure himself with a sword. David decided not to don Saul’s armor or brandish Saul’s sword for on very good reason: he wasn’t Saul. David decided to be David.

We are faced with the same decision. There comes point in all our lives where we need the courage to take off Saul’s armor. And it’s the rarest form of courage.

It’s the courage to be yourself.

David vs Goliath Film

David vs Goliath Film

p.s. thanks to Praisel Khey for introducing me to Souprint by Batterson

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