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180325 Revelation: The Liberation

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18 Mar 25 Revelation: The Liberation

As I sat comfortably on my trip going back to Bacolod. I put on my worship music.

Once I started to listed. I could literally feel God translated me to a deeper dimension.

He was saying “All this concerns you have. Have no fear. I can take care of you. You are no longer an orphan. I am your real Father. I can provide you all you need and all your desires too.”

God then walked me back to when I was 4 years old. I could sense the emptiness and the void in my heart. All throughout we went until we saw me in high school. I could again sense the shame and brokenness.

Alone time in Prayer

Alone time in Prayer

“Do you know know I was there all along. I purposed you with these weakness because I had a beautiful plan in your life.”

“Your Daddy already knows what you need before you ask Him”. Mat 6:8

Time of Prayer with God

Time of Prayer with God

Then we watched the younger me struggling in worship, hindered by guilt, shame and unworthiness.

But as I looked closer and as the worshiped increased I saw that there were 6 angels dancing and celebrating in my grief. “I know what you think think. I have shown them how you will break free in 2018.”

“Why aren’t the angels touching the guilt and shame demons?” I asked.

“Ah those demons are actually afraid of you. They sense that the Father have a great plan for you. They know that their time will come. But I have called you by name, Ian, you are mine.”

“Those angels know my authority. They can only do as they are instructed. And the demons also can do only as I the Lord permit them.”

I broke down and cried because I can remember the pain and loneliness of those years. And it just didn’t make sense. I even lived in denial and projection because I felt that there are children living in harsher conditions than me. And I was living in privilege can’t figure my life out.”

In my sorrow I started speaking praise and instantly I was again translated in the Heavenly realm. I could see the spirits of hundreds of different Christians, also going through their time of doubt, fear, pain and trials. They are spirits of Christian people on earth.

“I have my time that they too be released from their bondage, Ian. Did you really think you were alone?”


Sons of God waiting to be revealed in Heaven

Sons of God waiting to be revealed in Heaven

I just looked.

Bottles filled with Prayers of the Saints to Overflow

Bottles filled with Prayers of the Saints to Overflow

“They are waiting for the time that the sons of God will be revealed.” Then God brought me to some big glass containers. I saw that most are 1/4 full. These are the prayers that are harvested. Some of these prayers have been prayed by saints as far as a thousand years back. I am faithful says God to fulfil all I promised. I spoke in my word. For everyone who asks, receives.”

Empty Bottles waiting for Faith or Prayers

Empty Bottles waiting for Faith or Prayers


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